Friday, November 6, 2009

The Demons In Adoption Award Winner

Have you seen this year's winner for the Demon in Adoption Awards? Its Bethany Christian Services. I personally believe that it is a well deserved reward.

According to the article:
Anti-abortion pregnancy counseling centers have been a growing phenomenon since their invention in the early 1970's and are one of the main suppliers of infants for the adoption industry. With more than 1100 anti-abortion pregnancy counseling centers, Heartbeat International is one of the largest supply chains of infants. Three out of the five aforementioned, Angel in Adoption receiving centers, is an affiliate of Heartbeat International, and so is the subject of this article, Bethany Christian Services.

Of course they also did the Sixteen and Pregnant on MTV recently as well where they showed an exchange happening on the street corner. I have heard repeated stories where they coerce women out of their children. They make false promises of open adoptions. They let the openness in those adoptions fail.

Congratulations for being the Demon in Adoption.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Lately I have been concentrating on other issues besides adoption. I know! I know! Adoption encompasses many things besides the topic itself. Adoption also involves women's health issues, children's issues, reproductive choice (abortion vs. adoption), and so much more. Adoption is such a hot button issue as a result of all of these other issues.

I write five different blogs. It is sometimes difficult to keep up with all of them. I tend to concentrate on the sites that make me money so that I can continue to support adoptees and their families in our online community.

I have been very interested in the health care reform issue. I honestly believe that if women had access to decent health care that we would not have the problems that we have with abortion and adoption. I think that universal health care will reduce these numbers. That is something that I would like to see done.

Adoptees are often blamed for increases in abortion when the true reality according to the Alan Guttmacher Institute and others is that women abort because they just do not have the money to support a child. I quote this directly from their site:
Most U.S. women cite more than one factor contributing to their decision to have an abortion: Almost three-quarters say that having a baby would interfere with work, school or other responsibilities; about three-quarters say they cannot afford to have a child; and almost half say they do not want to be a single parent or are having problems with their husband or partner.

Adoptees have enough to deal with at times without the added responsibility for the future reproductive choices of women in the United States. Adoptees are often told to be grateful that they were not aborted. That is one of the most horrible things to say to any adoptee.

It amazes me that many in the pro-life movement and pro-choice movement ignore these valuable bits of information. I have to give credit to the pro-choice movement. They are starting to recognize the coercive tactics that are often used on pregnant women in this country. It is also dependent on which state but the pro-life movement is starting to do the same. The difference between the two is that the pro-life movement is still very dependent on crisis pregnancy centers across this country. The adoption industry is heavily connected to these centers as well. Bethany Christian Services is the worst culprit.

The adoption industry is a massive multi-billion dollar business that is unregulated. There are attempts to regulate it but they are just band-aids in reality. Adoption needs a massive overhaul so that all parties are protected. Birth mothers are being coerced out of their children. Adoptees are denied access to their original birth certificates. Adoptive parents are being scammed out of their funds and their dream. We have to make changes to the system.

There is no doubt that it will be a painful process in order to change things. It is a process that we all need to go through.

Demons In Adoption

For those who have not voted yet, there is still time for you to vote on Pound Pup Legacy for the Demons in Adoption Awards. The list is mighty impressive as it is every year. You can vote here today. My favorite is LDS Family Services for what they have done to a family here in my local.

Each year Pound Pup Legacy presents the Demons of Adoption Award to raise a voice against adoption propaganda and the self congratulatory practices of the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute's annual Angels in Adoption AwardsTM

Until October 30 you will have the opportunity to vote for the recipient of this year's award.

The nominees are:

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Adoptee Rights Demonstration: From Nola To Philly!

Here is the latest video from the Adoptee Rights Demonstration. Next year they are coming to our state. Yep Indiana Folks stand up and pay attention. They are coming to Louisville. Our turf! We can do this. We can make it bigger than Philly and New Orleans combined. Are you excited? You should be. I know that I am. I will be there on my home turf.

Here is another way to help the ARD to raise funds.

Listen up! We need EVERYONE'S help to spread the word about the Adoptee Rights Demonstration, and maybe even help the protest win $200 to go towards expenses for next year's rally!

There's a slide show up on Youtube with pictures from the protests in New Orleans and Philadelphia. The link is:

We need EVERYONE to do these three things at the link above:

1.) Rate the video

2.) Add it to your favorites

3.) Leave a comment

Doing these three things all count as 'votes' at Youtube. With enough votes, we'll be pushed to the front of the Nonprofits and Activism page, which will raise awareness about the protest and our issue.

Done? OK next steps!!

Head on over to and repeat the steps above

1.) Rate the video

2.) Add it to your favorites

3.) Leave a comment

These three items all count as votes there as well.

AdoptionVoices is having a contest, and the video with the most votes will win $200. This would be a HUGE help to the protest, as our permit expenses for Louisville will be much higher than at protest-friendly Philadelphia.

Please help!

Thank you!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ann Fessler's Everlasting

Have you heard of Ann Fessler? She is the adoptee who wrote "The Girls Who Went Away." If you have not read her book, you must do so. She wrote this book from a place of complete compassion for the birthmothers of yesterday. She put out this video here recently. I am hoping to draw more attention to her fabulous work.

As a Coleman adoptee, this woman helped me to understand exactly what my birthmother went through during her time at Suemma Coleman Home for Unwed Mothers. I have heard from several Coleman mothers and also heard their stories up close and personal. This maternity home was no different than many of the homes across America.

Her book opened many doors for adoptees across this country. I believe that it is a book that every adoptee, birthmother, and adoptive parent should read. I have met so many people that do not have any compassion or care for many of these women. They have to see that these women did not have choices prior to the years of Roe vs. Wade. That many of these women were coerced every step of the way. These women if they had been giving the choices of today would have chosen to raise their sons or daughters.

In this video by Ann Fessler, she shows that with many of the women that she has interviewed over the years. She also shows the coercion, the falsification of documentation, the mythology of the adoption industry, and so many other issues with these women's stories. She shows that these birthmothers were not the sluts, whores, crack addicts, and drug addicts as the adoption industry loves to depict. They were and are still today reproductive members of our society. You would be startled at how many of them are so much more than this mythology. These birthmothers are not shrinking violets but strong, powerful, beautiful, intelligent, and gracious women.

Ann Fessler has done many things for the movement of adoptee rights. She has pushed forward and dispelled many of these myths. I for one thank her for the immense help that she has given adoptees and their families.

Adoptee Rights Demonstration Video 2009

This is an awesome video made by a great young lady. She created this video from pictures at the Adoptee Rights Demonstration at the National Conference of State Legislators in Philadelphia this past week. She did an awesome job if you ask me. She is a very talented young woman.

We ask all those living adoption join us in the fight to end the discrimination that American adult adoptees face in forty four states in the United States. Next demonstration will be in Louisville, Kentucky. We ask that you attend this next year.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Birthmother vs. Adoptive Mother

I recently got criticized for searching for my birth mother. The person made an erroneous comment on the fact that I must not love my adoptive mother if I am searching. I really thought this person got adoption. I guessed wrong. She recently used that as an excuse to dismiss my adoptive mother’s asthma as insignificant. I saw nothing but red with that comment alone. I know that I will not forgive that person any time soon. I will no longer allow that person back into my life.

This is what many outside of adoption do not understand. Some adoptees did have a bad experience with their adoptive parents. I am by no means dismissing their experiences. Understand one thing with ME. I love my adoptive mother. Between her and my birthmother friends, I would not have survived my search. She is the one that kept having faith in a woman who is obviously filled with fear if what I was told was the truth. If it was not the truth, then we still have hope in a woman who will make contact.

I really hate it when people like this individual make assumptions about others. My adoptive mother is extremely proud of the fact that I am standing up and not letting the adoption machine run me over. In fact, she is wanting a copy of the adoption decree as she never received a copy of it. All that my adoptive parents received was my amended birth certificate once the adoption was complete.

If you are a friend of an adoptee, do not dismiss their experience. Do not assume that an adoptee does not love either set of parents. Do not assume that because they want to search that they do not love their adoptive parents. IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ADOPTIVE PARENTS. It is about understanding who they are as a person. It is about understanding one’s identity. It takes a lot of gall on the part of individual to dismiss an adoptee’s experience. This coming from someone who has their ancestry. This is coming from a person who knows who her children are. This is coming from a person who knows who their parents are. I really hate ignorance such as hers.

It is a huge insult to adoptees and their families all over the country. It is a huge dismissal of those families. We make up ten percent of the population when an individual does this to one person. This kind of commentary continues to reflect negatively on the adoption community.

I would like to see someone take her identiy and tell her that she can not have access to it any longer. She could not contact her parents or her children. I wonder how quick she would shut up. She would probably scream holy hell. Honestly I think that she should just mind her own business.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Taking Things off the Beaten Path

David Carradine died recently of horrific circumstances. After learning more about the situation, I honestly wish that he had committed suicide. That is just as bad but I feel that he would have his honor still intact. I feel that his privacy has been invaded in a very humiliating way. This information should have never been leaked to the press.

David Carradine was a tremendous actor. I loved him in Kill Bill Volumes One and Two. He was aweseome. I have often enjoyed many of his westerns as well. He was a great actor. It is sad to see him so humiliated like he has been.

If he had a dark side to his life, it was really no one's business. It feels like someone is trying to hurt his reputation as an actor. Why do we need to know that most intimate details of someone's life and death? We don't. I feel for his family. I feel for his real life friends.

This whole saga about the end of his life is just sad and pathetic. I would have rather remembered him as a great man than what the end of his life was. I do not blame the family for wanting the FBI to step in. There is just something that is wrong with this picture.

Sorry I have been wanting to say that for a long time.

Does Adoption Equal Slavery?

It has started to be a hot debate over at Firstmother Forum. Although I can see the argument on both sides of this issue. I tend to favor the side that it is similar to slavery. There is a reason why I feel this strongly. We are held to a contract that we did not consent to. We are denied access to our heritage, our identity, and other vital information.

At the same time, I can not call my adoptive mother a slave owner but I could with my adoptive fathers. The first adoptive father considered me replaceable. He did this at the age of five for me. I was merchandise that he bought and discarded very easily. It still irritates me to this day. I know that he was just showing up my adoptive mother. I still do not like being his pawn even to this day.

My second adoptive father probably thought that I was a bad seed. Those things get very old after a while. I feel like property of someone and of the state. That really irritates me as a whole.

Where adoptive parents are to blame for this thinking amongst both birthparents and adoptees is that they do not stand up and fight for the rights of their children. If you truly love your adopted child, you would do that now while they are young and even into adulthood. I am not saying all adoptive parents by any means. I am friends with adoptive parents that do exactly that. There are huge organizations such as PEAR that do support that right of their children. It is the others that I am speaking to. Those that still continue to adopt from agencies that promote closed adoptions. Those that still continue to adopt from agencies that fight to keep those records sealed. Those are the adoptive parents that I am speaking to.

If you have chosen to adopt from any of the NCFA adoption agencies, you are wrong. These adoption agencies promote an unequal agenda that protects only themselves. They do not seek to protect you. That is where those adoptive parents must stop listening to the likes of the NCFA. The legislators are continuing in this negative belief themselves when they vote against adoptee/birthparent access.

Adoptee rights has nothing to do with abortion. Many of the legislators are holding us accountable for the future reproductive choices of American women. It is not my responsibility to worry about that. It is unreasonable for the legislators to continue to do so. That is putting too much emotional burden on children. That attitude needs to go by the wayside.

It is also not the child or adult adoptee’s responsibility to be held accountable for the actions of adults. It is time to end this fallacy. I do not know if we ever will as long as adoptive parents allow the agencies to have this much control.

This is where we need to change the thinking. Adoption is not win/win/win. It is based on loss.

My Apologies

I apologize for not keep up with this blog. I have been distracted with my adoptive mother's illness, Texas legislation, and a potential affair on the part of my husband. I have been busy trying to take care of all of those issues. As a result, there are several aspects of my life that have been left to suffer from neglect. I apologize to my readers for that.

I really wanted to take a break from adoption period. It has gotten to a point where it is nauseating at the very best to utter vomit in other parts. I believe Ethiopia will be the next Guatemala. I am at a point where I can not control everything. So I am slowing down taking care of myself and my daughters. My husband had better get his head of his butt soon.

So I apologize again to my readers for my lack of attention to many of the details of adoption. Those issues are still very much there. There are excellent whispers in Indiana of a potential bill. I thank God that Indiana does appear to be more progressive than Texas. So keep hope and fingers crossed so that we can make changes.

Take Care one and all.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Green Ribbon Ca mpaign

The Green Ribbon Campaign has launched their website today. It is a beautiful website. It has many powerful bits of information on it. My honest to God favorite is this one:

"Long after we reach the age of 21, adoptees are treated as children by the law. Unable to participate in the decision that forever altered the course of our lives as children, we are, as adults, forbidden even to review the decisions that were made on our behalf, supposedly for our welfare. In some states, the biological parent who was persuaded to relinquish us as an infant is consulted to determine if we may know the truth of our origins. The facts of one's birth are among the most intimate details of one's life but if you are adopted, that information is closed to you in most states."

That says it all real clear and concise. It does not get any straighter than that. So make sure you stop and give them a shout out. If you have a blog, make sure that they are linked.

Once Upon A Time

Many many moons ago, my mother, sisters and I trekked across Texas and the southern states to visit a great aunt and uncle in Florida. While we visited, she took us to Disney World in Florida. I had just graduated from high school. We have moved to San Marcos for my father’s job as a center manager with a major package delivery company. This was well over twenty years ago. My memories might be a little faded. I remember her purchasing the at the gate. The very first ride that we all went on was “It’s A Small World.” It was water ride back then. I do not know if it is still today. I remember Disney World as being massive. My great and uncle went on couple of the rides with us but by the afternoon, they left us to our own devices. Even at eighteen years of age, that park is wild and beyond all imagination. You really do not realize it until you visit it for the first time. I remember one ride which was a roller coaster ride in a mountain type environment. I could not tell you what the ride was. It was fast and wild. I remember my mother purchased a Hurricane drink. She let all of us taste it. It was the tastiest drink that I had ever had. I doubt that it was full fledged Hurricane drink as they serve in many bars. It sure tasted good. I remember walking through that park being in utter awe of all of its festivities. As an adult now, it is something that I would dearly love to take my daughters to. I wish that I could purchase to take them to Disney World in Florida. That day ended up being a girls day out. Even then those days were few and far between. It was the closeness of family that made that day so special. It is also the magic of Disney that brings it all together. I did not know what the Disney tickets cost then but there are ways today to make it less expensive. makes it easy to afford a great getaway for your family. So if you are looking for a great weekend or even a day of fun, check out today and make a dream come true for you family.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

What a Shame!

A dear friend sent me this article today. I am always saddened when a young person loses their life. This story takes it a little further. This young girl, Dureti Bishop, is a beautiful young woman in her own right. She looks so vibrant, strong, and alive. What makes this story adoption related is that she was adopted from Ethiopia at the age of 5. Her parents discovered that she had child onset schizophrenia. I remember in the year that I was with the state hospital that it could be managed with medication. The adoptive parents eventually sent her to Boys Town. She later excelled at track and field events. She was also an avid reader.

My first problem with the article was that her adoption was a part of it. My second problem with the article is that her schizophrenia was also mentioned. Then the last thing is that she was at Boys Town. The fact that she excelled at her school work and her athletic abilities should have been all the article stated. There should not have been any mention of the other events in her life. We should be respecting her life, not the problems of it.

Rest in peace, my dear beautiful girl. God has taken you home.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Tarrant County Attorney Got Jail Time

I have written about this attorney in the past. I had someone stoutly defending this woman. This woman did their divorce if I remember correctly. This story is not about divorce. It is about adoption. You do not want to be on the birth parent side of the law. It is different. You will be railroaded every time. It does not matter what you think or want. There is no guarantees of an open adoption for you. There is no guarantees that you will ever get to see your child again. According to the article, this woman forged the signature of a family court judge along with other forged documents as well. She was presenting these documents to other judges. She was sentenced to 180 days in jail along with being disbarred.

Where does this kind of corruption come from? It comes from sealed records. It comes from the secrecy that is now very inherent in adoption. This hurts those of us living adoption. Can you imagine what these adoptees will discover when they are old enough to view their records? What about the birth families in this situation? What about the adoptive families in the messes that she created? People get hurt by individuals such as these. So yea she could do your divorce perfectly but she can not do adoptions all that great. Money is the reason why people such as her get into trouble.

This is why there needs to be transparency in adoption. Oklahoma is finally passing a bill that makes the fees available to adoptive parents. It is about time that these fees are explained in detail. Keep in mind these fees for the adoption agencies do not include the fees of the adoption attorney. Those are separate as well. It is time to end the blindsiding of all living adoption. We have to make changes now. We can no longer wait to make these changes. At least this woman will not be able to work in the law field again. She will have a criminal mark on her record so she will not be able to open an adoption agency. She can not move to another state to do so either as she is no longer a licensed attorney.

You can not mess with adoption records. Everything has to be on the up and up. You have to follow certain procedures. You can not bypass someone because you want these easier so that you can collect more money. This is why we need to be checking out the folks who do adoption. We need to know that their motivations are pure. They must have a certain accountability to those living adoption. One down how many more yet to go? Lets hope more are shut down soon. I would prefer NCFA member agencies. Many of their founding agencies are the ones that have gotten us into this situation in this first place. LDS Social Services comes to mind on this issue in particular. Too many fathers are having their rights violated.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Why does adoption need to change?

Adoption must change because it is becoming more and more about others instead of the children. It is about placing adoptive parents in competition with birthparents. It has become about the needs of the agency. It is about the need to profit. It is about the agency’s need to cover its proverbial rear end. It is no wonder that more and more examples of adoption corruption coming to light.

Recently in the news was a father who was trying to “sell” his child to the highest bidder. Of course, that story is not true but we do have other stories that are similar. Women who con adoptive parents are doing time for that kind of thing. If they know it is about the money, then how can it be any different for the adoption agencies?

We have to start changing the laws to reflect what adoption is about. Is adoption about the child or is about the money? Right now from what I have read, it is about the money. It is about scamming as many people as possible. Our state legislators let them get away with it. Adoption is a feel good thing. Is it really? I do not think so.

Confidentiality is there to protect the agencies. It is not there to protect it from anyone else. Why else would an adoption agency director leave adoption records in a building to be picked up by trash collectors? Why else would social workers violate the foster parent’s confidentiality because they have to remove a child from that home. That child was abusing other children in the home.

If you think about these things, it would not take you long to realize that adoption is not a good thing. It is not the panacea for abortion. Adoption comes with its own loss and problems. Until we can fix those problems, we can not fix even abortion to a point where it is a rare event.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

DMC and Zara Phillips Making Sweet Music

Darryl McDaniels is a hero of mine. He is using his talents to make a point in the New Jersey legislature. Darryl was one of the musical pioneers in Rap music. He is putting those raps to good use in helping adoptees attain equal rights in adoption. As many know, adoptees in 44 states do not have equal access to their original birth certificates. It is time for the legislators to consider adoptees more than just forever children and chattel of our adoptive parents.

He and Zara Philips have made a song together. These two have made the New York Times. The adoption agencies that fight this bill claim that they made a promise to these mothers of forever anonymity. What the state legislatures do not understand is that these agencies were not agents of the state governments. These agencies were not authorized to make promises to these mothers. You can not deny one person his rights and due process based on the fears of another. If that were the case our government would never have any laws.

If adoption carries the presumption of harm, why is the government in the practice of it? That is a question that has never been answered for me or any other adoptee across this country. The Privacy Act of the federal government states that all individuals have access to the documents that the government has on those individuals. It is a clear violation of the adoptee's right to privacy. Yes these mothers have the right to be left alone but these mothers do not have the right to deny an adoptee access to their own birth documents. This is point that the state legislators fail to realize. There is a massive difference between these two definitions of right to privacy. The governing entities need to step up and grant adoptees their rights and full citizenship.

Adult adoptees pay taxes, serve their country in wars, work for the government, raise their children, are married and many other mature responsibilites. It is time to restore our rights as humans. It is time to restore our human dignity. It is time to make adoptees equal citizens in the United States. As long as these laws exist, they will continue to diminish adoptees as property and chattel.

Adoptive parents need to realize that adoptee access is not about losing their child to the natural parents. It is about equal treatment under the law. The Civil Rights Movement of the Sixties gives us a Supreme Court Case that will back it up. Brown vs. Board of Education. We are tired of being treated separate under the law. Separate is not equal. We want equality. Adoptee access also protects the adoptive parents. It provides greater transparency for the adoptive parent. In this day and age, adoptive parents need that. Confidentiality protects none of the members living adoption. It protects the adoption industry at their own discretion. It is used arbitrarily.

It is time for everyone of us living adoption to stand up. We have to make these legislators aware that this "birthparent" privacy is just a myth.

Friday, April 10, 2009

WACSN in the news again.

A news article alerted me to problems with Liberia and WACSN. This time they removed 35 children. Awhile back, WACSN was being investigated. I researched the adoption agency a little bit. The agency is in Minnesota. They operate an orphanage in Liberia. News came out recently that the orphanage was raided and 35 children were removed. I wonder if the state of Minnesota has bothered to investigate this agency. Maybe with this article they will. I know that the IRS needs to be paying attention to this mess.

One of the things that I noticed with this agency is the website. It is very poorly done. It belongs to a woman in Tennessee. Liberia temporarily halted all adoptions in January when this story came out. While this moratorium has been going on, there have been no Americans adopting from Liberia. Canada has ceased all adoptions from Liberia. This website really pushes religious beliefs onto an individual. If you happen to ask too many questions or have a difference of opinion, you might be considered as not Christian enough. That will get your application denied.

Tax documents are also lacking. The last one filed was in 2005 where they show earnings from direct support of $222,900. They list no income from adoptions since that time. I think that I smell a skunk in here somewhere. How can this organization not report its incomes for close to five years? Inquiring minds and all.

Here is a quote from the article that really concerns me as an adoptee:

“WACSN is a Minnesota nonprofit, according to federal tax records, and has been one of the leading U.S. adoption agencies in Liberia. It is not licensed as an adoption agency in Minnesota. Under state rules, organizations that arrange international adoptions are not necessarily required to have a state license.”

They are operating out of Minnesota but they do not have an agency license from Minnesota. They do have a business filing for the agency out of Eden Prairie. It is amazing that these agencies are allowed to continue when they have children removed from their care. It is amazing that the state of Minnesota has not investigated this agency too.

The missing tax records, the weird way that the website is set up, and the fact that they are not licensed in Minnesota is enough to send warning bells off in my head. I suggest all adoptive parents to look elsewhere to consider adopting from.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Samoan Adoptee in the News

Everyone has heard about the Focus on Children and their crimes against both adoptive parents and “birthparents.” It disgusts me that these operators of this agency only got a slap on the wrists. The Banks were told never to work in the adoption industry ever again. Karen Bank’s sister still owns the business in Wyoming. I wonder if Karen and Scott Banks are still listed as board of directors. The Banks and Dan Wakefield are supposed to contribute to a trust fund that supports communications between the birth families in Samoa and the adoptive families in the United States. Maybe if they use the sale of their home in Wellsville, Utah, it will help cover the costs of phone calls, trips, and post office boxes for these families.

The Sawyers have been mentioned on several occasions in various news articles around the country. It was never their intent to adopt a child who had been bought for mere cans of tuna or bags of rice by the agency. They never intended that their adopted child to be kidnapped by the Banks or any of their affiliates.

Well the Sawyers are lucky. They get to reunite their daughter with her “birthparents” this summer. It is wonderful that this family has that opportunity. I commend an adoptive mother who is able to do this. I do know that there was an adoptive father that was worried that his child would be taken back to Samoa. He did not want the “birthparents” to have the legal jurisdiction to be able to do so. Keep a watch out for this reunion on ABC news this summer possibly late fall.

Keep in mind as well that Scott and Karen Banks are serial adoptive parents. What does that mean? It means that they have adopted many children. Two of their Samoan adoptees have been sent back to Samoa to be educated there instead of the United States. Why? Karen Banks could not bond with these two children. Scott and Karen Banks also put another child, Greg, in a group home because they did not want their family home to be scratched up by his walker and his wheel chair.

Another situation that everyone needs to be aware of is the Kirkpatrick family. This family had finalized a Chinese adoption of a baby girl. They needed respite care for their daughter as they also had twin boys to contend with at the same time. The Banks took this opportunity to snatch another adoptee for their collection of adoptees. China would not let them adopt as they had too many children. The appeal on this case was recently heard. The family is currently waiting for a decision from that court.

It is a shame that the Federal government could not investigated this agency further. They too have connections to Mai Ly LaTrace as she helped Focus on Children as a facilitator. There could also be issues with many of the Cambodia adoptions before they shut down that channel for adoptions. She is listed on their 1999 tax return as well. It is a shame that the Federal prosecuter did not take it any further.

Does Adoption set us up to be discriminated against?

I do think that adoption does exactly this. It sets us to be treated differently. It does not matter if you are an adoptee, "birthmother", or an adoptive parent. It treats us differently. I point to adoptee access laws around the country as a perfect example.

These laws treat adult adoptees differently. Adult adoptees are treated as incapable of handling their own affairs with their family. I read somewhere that the California bill that lists that adult adoptees age 25 and older can have access to their original birth certificates. This age was decided because that is when an adult adoptee is capable of dealing with the facts of their adoption. Okay an 18 year old adoptee can fight in a war. An adult adoptee can vote at that age. An adult adoptee at age 18 can even be a parent. An adult adoptee is capable and legally responsible to sign a contract. How can they not be emotionally capable of handling the circumstances of their birth? I know. It does not make sense to me either. I have not be able to figure out that bit since adoptees deal with their adoption since their adoption legally occurred.

“Birthmothers” are legally able to relinquish their rights even as a minor. They do not need parental consent in order to do so. This is done so that the mother can relinquish their child without their parents’ knowledge and influence which is very unlike abortion. They want to make it as easy as possible for any female to relinquish. They want to do it without any kind of influences on the mother. They want to be the sole people that influences her to relinquish. Many times, the counseling that an expectant mother receives is the reading of a book. There are no extensive counseling services offered to her before or after. In this respect, adoptive parents are getting angry at the lack of counseling for the mothers. I have read this. I have even seen the complaints about this issue. The agencies then claim to protect the mothers after they relinquish. They just want to keep their dirty deeds secret. They want to keep the coercive tactics quiet.

Adoptive parents are also treated differently. They are treated incapable of handling the various aspects of adoption on their own. They are not allowed to collectively think outside the box. Truthfully, most adoptive parents do not want to kidnap someone else’s child. They do not want to be involved in illegal activities. This is why many adoptive parents are bucking the system. They are beginning to ask questions. They are being punished for their actions in their adoptions. If they ask too many questions, then they are told that they need additional counseling. This process is called “creaming.”

Who really controls the adoption industry? It seems that the states and the adoption agencies are in it together. I believe the states should act as a governmental regulatory agency where as the adoption agency should provide the service under the regulations of the government. The state governments no longer regulate adoption. It is time that it is brought under control without the influence of the adoption industry.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Illinois Confidential Intermediaries: Good or Bad?

I pay attention to what goes on in Illinois, Michigan and Ohio because Indiana is sandwiched in the middle of all of it. Someone told me recently that the country does follow what Illinois does.. So I watch even further now as a result.

I posted some interesting information on Midwest Adoption Center. It is an organization that does confidential intermediary work for the state of Illinois. You know how adoptees can not be trusted with their personal information! It irritated me because it affected adoptees. If it affects adoptees, I pay attention. I mentioned that Nancy Golden is one of those that runs that organization. She according to is paid a $100,000 a year. I do not even think Katrina Carlisle earns that much through her confidential intermediary work with St. Elizabeth Coleman.

I found a case that Nancy Golden was reprimanded on. That number is social worker license #150001566 on November 30, 1991 (date of expiriation). I find interesting when I used a certain deep web search tool that she has an older license where she was reprimanded on. She was allowed to let that license expire. She was allowed to get a new one (social worker clinicial license #149003006) where there is no reprimand listed on it. She violated client confidentiality on it. A foster care parent lost his job over this issue. He and his family filed a lawsuit and won. Now she is working with adoptees. I wonder if their confidentiality has been violated as well. No one noticed this first article.

Everyone knows that I personally do not like confidential intermediaries. This part of the searching process irritates because it continues to treat adoptees and their families as incapable of handling their own affairs. I believe that this woman is the key in the situation in Illinois. Illinois has a bill that allows the confidential intermediaries’ previous contacts to stand instead of the mothers writing into the state of Illinois to file a contact refusal.

You see with confidential intermediaries, you have to rely on them to do proper due diligence. You have no guarantee of it. They have their own set of rules that you are not allowed to know. Their standard operating procedures are anyone’s guess. When they get completed with your case, it is anyone’s guess if they did your case right. We are not talking about children making contact. We are talking adults here. These people affect your reunion. These people affect if you have a reunion. When you spending a thousand dollars to get this done, you want some kind of guarantee. If you are adopted, forget it. Its an oh well it sucks to me commentary. We have no way of fighting back against the system.

If you have someone like Nancy Golden as your confidential intermediary, you have no idea how much she will reveal about you to someone else. This is just another example of why it is time to end the discrimination that adoptees and their families face every day. It is the adoption industry that is keeping the shame, ignorance, and deception going.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Madonna and Adoption Again

This woman just sickens me. I was never a big fan anyway. I now turn off her music. I won't listen to it. This includes the stuff from the past when she was the "material" girl. She has become immaterial if you ask me. I do feel that she is buying Mercy. It gives the rest of the adoptive parents a really bad name. She has been quoted as saying that adopting a child is like giving birth. Excuse me again?

I hope Mercy's grandmother wins out on this one. We have an opportunity to do just that. Ethica has issued a call to action. It really won't take much. Just a few bucks from many members in the adoption community.

Here is the call to action issued by Ethica:

Ethica's Call to Action on the Mercy James Case*

Ethica is calling to action to raise funds to assist Mercy James to be cared
for within her country with her extended family of origin. The annual
average salary in Malawi is $160.00. If we provide those funds to the care
of Mercy James for the next 14 years, we believe not only could she stay
with her family, but she should also be able to be educated within her own
country. Therefore we are challenging the adoption community to help us
raise $2,240 for Mercy James.

Please read our entire statement on this subject and donate here:

http://ethicanet. org/item. php?recordid= malawi&pagestyle =default

So help Mercy stay in her country of origin. Lets tell Madonna that she doesn't have the money to buy this child. Tell Madonna to honor this child's grandmother's wishes.

Monday, March 30, 2009

How do you explain something that is brain tease?

I am serious. How do you explain something that is confusing on its own merits and demerits? I have an adoption agency that has so many twists and turns that it is confusing just to me. I know all of the connections. How do you explain that each connection is a bad connection which is connected to even more bad connections? It blows my mind. Tedi Hedstrom was connected to so many bad people that I can not even begin to explain all of them. I am trying to do it in one chapter alone. I just don't think that I can do it. Someone please explain to me how.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Where is the puke bucket?

I have just about flipped out today. I read this article about Orson Mozes pleading NOT GUILTY. Okay you ripped people off for over a million dollars. You pitted adoptive parents against each other. You promised the same child to several sets of prospective adoptive parents. You manipulated the hearts of families all over the country. You know you did wrong and you took off as a result. You were even on the America's Most Wanted Show. You plead NOT GUILTY.

God this man has a set of balls on him. At least bail is set at one million dollars. I hope they keep him locked up until his trial.

Guatemalan AP Report

I am sure everyone has seen this one. The article itself is pretty horrible. War orphans from Guatemala's Dirty War were placed for adoption. There is one case where soldiers killed a husband and wife and then turned their child over to an orphanage in Guatemala. In the last year or so, there was a case of an adoptee suing her adoptive parents who ended up being a part of the group that killed her relinquishing parents.

Adoption corruption is beginning to make itself more and more obvious in all aspects of adoption.

Adoption Advantage Goes Down

Another adoption agency goes down due to unethical adoption practices. It is making big news in Arkansas. The attorney involved is Ed Webb. After checking for information on their website, it too has been removed. It is amazing how fast everything works at times. This agency is a for profit business.

According to news articles, fifty families were involved. Ed Webb has relinquished the agency's license but he still has not relinquished his attorney's license. It will be interesting to see if he jumps states only to set up shop somewhere else.

The adoption industry is such an incestuous industry. When one agency shuts down, many of the folks jump ship and go to work for another agency or set up shop under another name.

President Obama visiting Indiana

He is speaking at the famous Notre Dame University in South Bend at the commencement. I am really pleased that he is doing this. Sadly many of the religious wing nuts are freaking out according to this article.

They are making this commencement about abortion. It should be about young men and women starting out on their life's journeys. It should be about encouraging and invigorating these young men and women to change their communities. No, it is about abortion. That is really a shame. How can a group of people use this as an excuse to continue bashing a president over his policies on abortion compared to rewarding hard working students for accomplishing their goals is totally beyond me.

Personally I am neither pro life or pro choice. As an adoptee I have a very special insight into these issues. Both of these groups use my birth status against me in attaining my rights in my birth state. One group is fearful that it will increase more abortions when the Alan Guttmacher Institute has proven otherwise. The other group is worried that abortion will become open. They fail to realize that abortion is a medical procedure.

How do I feel about abortion, adoption and safe haven? They both encourage the attitude that it is okay to get rid of the problem (me or any adoptee). Neither group really bothers to ask the adoptees of this country how we feel about it. Then again, they do not want to look at the dark side of adoption.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Just for Once

I have been hearing about this case for a while. It is a shame that the United States does not slam pedophiles as harshly as they have this man. I wish for once that those that hurt women and children would get the harshest of penalties. It irritates me that I do not see our government valuing women and children as much as they profess that they do. This family values crap is just that - crap.

We as a society do not value our own humanity. We often forget that portion. The laws reflect it too. This case however reflects the really dark side of a male who wishes to possess and own women and children. It keeps getting worse with this guy. He is now being investigated for four additional murders.

Lets just send this man on his way to hell.

Another Article in Oklahoma

People are always stunned when I talk about corruption in adoption. It exists for all of us. They look to scam us of our money. It doesn't matter if one is an adoptee, adoptive parent or even natural mother. It just doesn't matter. I have tried to come up with a sane explanation for all of it. It is sometimes just too consuming.

You ought to read this article. It shows that babies in Oklahoma are basically bought and sold. It is interesting that it is just causing worries. It should have been causing worries long ago.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Shakesville Visitors

Welcome to Coleman Mom's and Babes! I am glad to see that many of you are visiting the blogs of adoptees and first mothers. We want you to hear our voices. Many of us are women just as yourselves. Our only difference between you and us is that we have the status of adoption to deal with.

We believe that sealed adoption records encourage more women to abort. The Alan Guttmacher Institute also gave us some lift with that as well. Adoption agencies these days receive federal and state monies that they use against adoptees and their families to prove their points.

Adoptees are women too. We deserve the same rights as other women in each state. We hope that you join us in this battle.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Check this Article Out

I have been a fan of Shakespearessister for years. I was turned onto by a dear friend of mine years ago when I first got my computer.

There is an excellent article told from a firstmother point of view on the adoption vs. abortion argument. It is a must read for all living adoption. It brings that first mother point of view to the feminist side of the table. For years, the feminists have ignored those mothers of the past. I think it is wonderful that the feminists of today are realizing that adoption isn't any easier than abortion. The women of today need to realize that first mothers are just like them. I think we are starting to break through on this issue.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Can you believe this?

I read this article this morning. I was furious that Rush Limbaugh would make light of such a serious subject. I do not even listen to the man anymore. Too many people give him credit where he deserves none. The Catholic Church is not my favorite religion at all. They are just too goofy now to be a viable religion. I remember being told that if I did not marry within the church that I would go to hell. Okay too much for me to handle so I just stopped going. I have gone back a few times but it wasn't enough for me.

A nine year old girl is raped by her step father. Her mother reports the crime. The girl is pregnant with twins. The doctors and her mother decide that it would be best if she had an abortion. The doctors are concerned that her body will not be able to handle the pregnancy. What does the Catholic church do? They ex-communicate the mother and the doctors in this case. What about the step father? Nothing. He is sitting in jail. No he is not excommunicated. This girl's life is ruined by the actions of one man, her step father. Shame on the Catholic Church for valuing his life over hers.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Indiana Open's First Video

Indiana Open has launched their first video. Go check it out.

We want to thank the Adoptee Rights Philly folks for all of their expertise and help in making this possible. We used their idea to launch this video. We will be emailing to legislators this week.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Benedict Arnold of Adoptees

SB 153 had passed both the Senate and the House. The only problem that they had to work out was contact preference form. One house had it in their bill and the other house did not. Somehow and some way, a Benedict Arnold of an adoptee managed to get the bill killed. Do not ask me why or how. That information has not been forth coming. Shame on this legislator who did this.

Don't count on getting voted back into office at the next election.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Adoptee Rights Philly

There are some new videos out there for the Adoptee Rights Protest. Check them out below. This is about your rights. This is about restoring your right to access your original birth certificate.

The non adopted have access to their birth records. The non adopted do not have to ask their parent's permission to access their birth records upon adulthood. In fact, Indiana code states that the non adopted adult, upon verification of identification, is allowed immediate access to their birth records. Adoptees should have that same right.

In fact, Indiana code specifically states that natural parents are divested of all of their rights in regard to their child. This means that they do not have the right to dictate whether or not that the adoptee can access their own birth certificate. The natural parents do not get new rights in the process.

Learn these codes and love them. Breath them and make them a part of your being.

Adoptee Rights Demonstration Information

Midwife Denies Arranging an Illegal Adoption

Is it any wonder that stories such as this one are coming out? There is no regulation of adoption at all in many countries. I asked a friend of mine recently about this in the training for attorneys. I have read it other places as well. There is very little training for attorneys. There maybe a chapter or two in law books. It is the same situation with the Indiana woman who was pleaded guilty to scamming prospective adoptive parents out of New York. Just one quick look at many of the tax records of adoption agencies is enough to make one realize that they are in the wrong business.

The adoption industry does not want to regulate itself thus putting an end to this kind of thing. It would mean that they too have to put an end to their actions. They most definitely do not want the federal and state governments looking into their actions.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Question Posed

A question was posed recently. What have I done since high school? I have joined the military as a reservist and then went active duty for three years. I went to Saudi Arabia to fight in the Desert Storm. I was also stationed in Germany for a couple of years. I got married to a handsome cowboy. I have delivered mailed for a few years. I have also given birth to my fantastic daughters. I became an adoptee rights activist. I am also a homeschool mom. I live on one of the largest, most historic ranches in Texas. I sadly have missed two high school reunions. What have you done since you graduated?

high school reunions

Why can't people understand this?

First thing this morning, I read this article. The commentary is typical. Its quick and easy to tell someone to not have sex. Everyone is also quick to assume that people are not married. In the article itself, it mentions a married couple. In order to have a good healthy marriage, guess what folks, sex is a part of that. Condemning people for natural behavior and biology is plain stupid. We sure are willing to bail out the CEOs of all these major banking and financial firms. Why can't we bail out humanity in our country? We do have economic downturn. Even adoptive parents are at a point where they can't afford children. They are forgoing the pricey adoption agencies in order to save money. They are going to the government to adopt children out of foster care. What is the big deal with providing contraception to people?

Monday, March 9, 2009

Good Grief

Texas has introduced two bills that absolutely stink. The titles alone of them are extremely bad. They are called "In relation to the birth records of adopted children." Last time I checked I was adult. I am paying taxes, a former Desert Storm veteran, former letter carrier, and a voter. I disagree with these bills.

We are legislating search and reunion. These folks have got to be crazy. It is my birth certificate that they are regulating. I am not playing anymore when it comes to my rights. These folks do not speak for me.

It is ridiculous that this is even allowed to continue. What is so hard to understand that adoptees deserve the same access as everyone else?

Check out this article

Scott Carney wrote an article for Mother Jones recently. It is a very interesting article. It again touches on the corruption in international adoption. It is important that people read this stuff before they begin their adoption process. Corruption exists in adoption. Part of the problem is the money. The other part is the lack of transparency in the adoption process.

No one really wants to listen to this part of the problem. How do you tell if there is a problem? Why is it so hard for people to stop and realize that adoption has become corrupted? When does it become corruption and coercive? Is it just one case? How many? For me personally, it just takes one time.

A Call to Change Michigan Laws

There is all kinds of news that affect adoptees and their families. Michigan citizens are calling for a change in the laws in regarding the reporting of deaths relating to adoptees from foster care, adoption, and other similar events. They are wanting a neutral party to be contacted when there is such a death. Here is a quote from the article:

"The Office of the Children's Ombudsman (OCO) is an independent state agency. It investigates complaints about children involved with protective services, foster care, adoption services, and juvenile justice. The agency determines whether the DHS and/or private agency actions and decisions, as they relate to a particular child, complied with laws, rules, and DHS policies. OCO makes recommendations to the governor, legislators, and the DHS for changes in child welfare laws, rules, and policies to improve prospects for kids."

There needs to be a neutral party that must help in the regulation of DHS and adoption agencies. These agencies must be held to a higher authority in order to make effective change in our society. We need to make changes for the sake of children in our society. Right now things are not working in Michigan or for any other state.

Illinois Confidential Intermediaries: Are They Big Business?

Everyone knows that I hate confidential intermediaries. I can't stand them. If I hear of a good one, I will put them on Indiana Open as a point of reference. Right now I only have three of them. I know of three of them but I am checking on one to see if she is worth with it. I try to inform both adoptees and natural mothers that they have a choice in confidential intermediaries in Indiana. I have met one too many people who have had heartache in dealing with Indiana confidential intermediaries.

After talking with a friend of mine on Saturday, she sent me sniffing in a direction that I had not really thought of. I have seen what people have gone through with the Illinois confidential intermediary system. This friend of mine sent me on a research spree. It is pretty nasty if you ask me. Right now there is a bill (HB 4623) that will give some adoptees access while still keeping the CI system intact.

There are two primary agencies that provide CI services in Illinois. One of which is Midwest Adoption Center who I will discuss in detail. The other one is Whiteoak Foundation.

Midwest Adoption Center:

Midwest Adoption Center is run by Nancy Golden and Gretchen Schulert.

According to their tax returns:

2007 2006 2005 2004
Gross Receipts $973,863 $895,294 $845,547 $860,290
Program Service Fees $973,737 $895,294 $845,459 $860,255
Public Donations $105

Board of Directors
Gretchen Schulert $101,571 $78,800 $104,171
Nancy Golden $101,571 $91,366 $125,443
Rebecca Nolan $55,884 $51,300

In 2007 Gretchen was the president of this organization but in years past it has been Nancy Golden. Gretchen owns both of the websites, Midwest Adoption Center and CI Illinois. Some other key information that also plays into the finances behind this organization. Mike Golden, Nancy's husband and attorney, was paid $2,100 on their last tax form for clerical expenses. West Monroe Partners, a company owned by Gretchen's husband, was paid $20,601 for computer database services, website stat sampling, report preparation, and interpretation to DCFS.

That is a lot of money that is made off the backs of adoptees and first mothers. It makes many of the adoption agencies paychecks seem small in comparison. It currently costs $495 to do just one search for one individual. It goes up another $400 for additional searches for other individuals. They are offering a special because of a special grant that they have received. It only lasts as long as there are funds with this grant.

As I was researching just this organization alone, I discovered some interesting things. According to their website, they were the ones that set up the confidential intermediary system in Indiana. They did the design and delivery of the confidential intermediary progrm through out the state of Illinois under a contract with IDCFS. Wow I wonder how much they got from the state of Illinois. It looks like a lot.

I researched a little on Nancy Golden. It is very interesting indeed. According to the website biography:

"Nancy Golden, Clinical Director at the Midwest Adoption Center, is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has worked in adoption and foster care services in an agency setting and in private practice. Before the formation of MAC, she was the Unit Director of the foster care, adoption and maternity program of Lutheran Social Services of Illinois. The focus of Nancy's clinical work has been in promoting healthy growth and development for children and their birth, foster and adoptive families. In addition, she presents workshops and seminars at local as well as national conferences."

I googled her and found this. It is a lawsuit against Lutheran Social Services of Illinois and Nancy Golden. Nancy Golden went to the plaintiff's employer and advised them of the allegations of sexual abuse against the plaintiff. She did not tell the employer that those allegations had proved to be false. Because of her actions, he lost his job.

So can adoptee get a fair break in their usage of their services? Somehow I do not think so.

I checked out Whiteoak Foundation's Tax form as well. Melisha Mitchell is the executive director. David Ormsby is their deputy executive. Roland Calia is their adminstrator.

2007 2006 2005
Gross Receipts $131,259 $124,846 $166,387
Government Grants $131,174 $124,796 $163,162
Public Donations $85 $50 $3,225

Board of Directors
Melisha Mitchell $69,000 $65,000 $64,000
David Ormsby $35,000 $35,000
Roland Calia $18,000 $35,000

It is really interesting how our tax dollars are spent. Midwest has more of a financial investment in keeping things the way that they are. The bad thing is that Midwest also has the backing of LSSI behind them in keeping such. Their gross receipts average about $85,000,000 per year. Not bad for a church if you ask me.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Another Country shutting its doors to Vietnam

Another country, Ireland, is questioning the adoption policies of Vietnam. In 2008, Sweden and the United States both ceased doing adoptions through Vietnam due to many issues with child trafficking with the intent to sell a child into the adoption industry. Last I heard as well was that Vietnam was looking to set itself as a Hague Country as well. They were looking to set up certain restrictions with prospective adoptive parents. Time will tell how this all pans out. It is getting more costly for adoptive parents to adopt from overseas. Add this to the corruption potential, adoptive parents are looking into other avenues especially foster care. That goodness if you ask me.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Update on Adam Herrman

The judge in the case of Adam Herrman has decided against lifting the restraining order on his adoption files. As many remember a couple months back, Adam Herrman was discovered missing. The bad thing is that he was missing for ten years. His adoptive parents never reported it. It was his natural parents who attempted to make contact. They were told that he has been missing for years. In the meantime, his "adoptive parents" were still collecting adoption subsidies from the government.

According to this news report:

Friday an attorney representing the Butler County Attorney's office told Judge Mike Ward the county attorney's office no longer objects to releasing those documents. The judge ruled there is still no evidence the Herrman case is a homicide, so he upheld the restraining order.

Hopefully the case will be presented to the Butler county Attorney General's office soon. The adoptive parents are suspects in this case. As many also remember, there was numerous complaints from family members on both sides of abuse.

An Interesting article on Child Trafficking

Earlier this year, there was a story of an adoption agency being shut down in Liberia. It is wild that these stories do not make headlines more. It is sad because children are just not valued in any country unless of course they are sold for adoption into other countries. Child Trafficking is a very real problem for the United States as well as other countries. It is often sadly ignored.

I have mentioned concerns over these issues with my U.S. Representative Mac Thornberry but it often goes ignored. Everyone wants to believe that adoption is good. It can be in the right circumstances but it is become an antiquated and abusive institution. Too many state and federal legislators have been listening to the adoption industry.

Too bad they don't listen to adoptees and their families.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

South Dakota and Rhode Island have clean bills

Woooo Hoooooo. So many states instroducing legislation. Check this article out.

Yea Rhode Island and South Dakota. Lets hope that they get it done. We need some hope here people.

Doing the happy dance now. Indiana Legislators it is time to consider adoptees as equal American citizens.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Good Grief

I remember reading this story. I even wrote about it. The adoptive parents are taking this all the way to the Supreme Court. According to the article:

"They continue to feel that the lower court and the Court of Appeals made an erroneous decision," John Mills, an attorney for the Unthanks, said Wednesday. "They want to continue until there are no more appeals (to be made)."

Good Grief let it go people. The courts have ruled that Cody belongs with Kenneth and Christine. The entitlement of some adoptive parents give the rest of adoptive parents a really bad name. When does it end? Shame on Unthanks for allowing this to continue

The adopters have filed this case with the Michigan Supreme Court on 2/3/09. Interestingly this case was won because of the precedents set by the Baby Jessica/Anna case.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Doofus Award goes to the NCFA

The National Council for Adoption finally after a year and half gives its rebuttal to the Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute. They say the statistics in the EBD study are flawed because it doesn't prove either way that adoptee access doesn't cause any problems. Well I would like to know where they get their statistics from. I have not come across stories of stalking adoptees from Oregon, New Hampshire, Alabama, Kansas, and Alaska. Now the states with sealed records yes. I do. I think it is a reflection on those states. The states with sealed records encourage enabling of both the adoption industry and the shame of the adoptee and their families. Why do these states feel the need to regulate the relationships of its adoptive communitities but not the non adopted? What makes us extra special unless of course adoption is the presumptive that causes harm? If that is the case, why is this country in the practice of adoption?

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Update on Indiana Legislature

Sadly SB 303 has not even had a second reading yet. The legislator is concerned about an amendment that was added at the last minute. The amendment added is one that allows any child age 2 and older to be considered special needs. I like to think that this has more to do with financial matters more than anything else. If a child is considered special needs, then they will be eligible for both state and federal adoption subsidies. I can't say for sure but it could be that the Senator is worried about situations like Adam Herrman occurring in the state of Indiana. We only have a few more days to worry about this bill.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Samoan Adoption Scam Spurs Adoption Reformists

A recent article came out about the Samoan adoption scandal and the Banks. It is sad that we still can not get federal oversight of adoption agencies. It is time to put people like Scott and Karen Banks in jail. They do not deserve to be free on probation. They are nasty individuals. Its a shame that the federal folks won't step up and make them serve jail time.

They hurt families, natural and adoptive. They stole children. It is shame that our society still devalues children and women in order to let thieves like this to get away with murder. Please write Judge Sam on this and tell him that this folks owe justices to families in two countries.

To all the remaining ethical and decent human beings out there who respect children, A.P. and bio mothers unlike the SLEEZEBAGS SCOTT AND KAREN BANKS

express you outrage today write

The Honorable Judge Sam
350 S Main Street
Salt Lake City, UT 84111

TO those grief stricken victims of the PIGGY BANKS

express your heart ache to

Ms. Wendy White
350 Main Street
Salt Lake City, UT 84101

Oklahoma is Changing their laws on Child Trafficking

Oklahoma is looking to change the laws on adoption. I have heard some serious horror stories of baby selling in Oklahoma. Adoptive parents are being charged close to $100,000 for a baby. Oklahoma legislators are hoping to put a stop to it. No more cars in exchange for children. No more expensive bling in exchange for a child. I commend Oklahoma for attempting this. This law is targeted at adoption atttorneys and facilitators. I honestly expect this bill to get killed because attorneys know people in the legislature. They usually control the adoption laws in their state. Time will tell on this one.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Oklahoma is taking a Step Backwards.

This article came out today in the Tulsa World. They want to remove the biological heritage from birth certificates. They want to deny the donor/gamete children their future right to their heritage. It never ceases to amaze me the ignorance of some legislators. This kind of situation has got to stop.

Children become adults. These adults want answers. Adoptees have been screaming for decades about these very issues. Now we are going into an even worse direction.

Tonight, The Eleventh Hour is showing a show on cloned children. Its scary that this might actually come true. Its horrifying to think about this. We are doing this wrong. We have to stop.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Adoptee Rights Philly

Time is drawing closer. Its time to make plans for the Adoptee Rights Protest. Have you made your flight reservations yet? Have you gotten your luggage for this wonderous occasion? July 21st is just around the corner. Time is flying fast. What about your hotel reservations? Its time to get them done.

No update on Indiana

There is still no update currently on SB 280 and SB 303. We are currently waiting to see what the bill reads in its entirety. This bill has many more questions than it has answers.

We are patiently waiting for the Senate to meet and go forward on this. Please be patient. Write to legislators that you want a clean records bill. Tell them that the state of Indiana could earn money dealing with adoptees and their families directly. With Indiana being tax burdened right now, that could be a good thing for Indiana.

Tell them that adoptees deserve to be treated as equal American citizens. We are not mere products of conception. Its time to do it right this time.

California Open is Open for Business

Cal Open is a California adoptee rights organization dedicated to adoptee rights. They have just set up shop. They are ready to rock. Please visit them and show them your support for this very important issue for adoptees.

Adoptees have been fighting for thirty years to get access to their original birth certificates. The issue of adoptee access to the document that records their birth is a hard one to fight. The National Council for Adoption has traditionally come out against this issue. It is often confused with confidentiality and privacy. It is also confused with abortion issues.

Adoptees just want what is rightfully theirs. The non adopted do not have to fight to get access to a document that records their birth. The non adopted do no have to get their parents' permission to view the document that records their birth. Why should adoptees? It is time to make the laws equal. No special privileges. No special immunities. Just the equal treatment under the law.


According to a recent article on CNN, Campbell Brown called the ICWA "ridiculous." What she fails to realize is that this Act is in there for a purpose. Native Americans are consistently losing the rights in regards to their children and the help that they are honestly owed by our United States Government. This is all in over the Larson case. The truth is the adoption agency had no jurisdiction over this case. We need to recognize the rights of Native Americans. The Indian Nations have sole jurisdiction over their own people. We as Americans do not have that.

Native American adoptees are still to do this fighting to restore their right to their heritage. This needs to stop.

Friday, January 23, 2009


This article alerted me to the problems of the bills, SB 280 and SB 303. Indiana Open and the AAC were working together to attempt to get a clean bill in the state of Indiana. I had planted the seed of adoptee access in Senator Miller's ear approximately a year ago because she responded to an email that was hopeful. Her biggest concern was that adoptee access will cause more abortions.

She had submitted SB 303 with the promise to our legislative liason that Indiana Open and the AAC would be included on any testimony. Sadly she never followed through. She met with them and then stated that she would speak with Kirsh and Kirsh. Without telling us, she and Senator Lubbers merged their bills without any further contact with us. According to the article, Kirsh and Kirsh became actively involved in the process.

The result is very horrible. It hurts adoption. It hurts natural parents. It hurts adoptive parents. Most importantly it hurts adoptees. Adoptees are the most important part of adoption. Adoption is supposed to be in our best interests. However with these bills, this is not the case. It is anti adoptee all the way to Kirsh and Kirsh's pocketbook. Kirsh and Kirsh are also members of the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys which is notoriously against adoptee access and for anything that makes their jobs quicker and more profitable. According to this blog report, Kirsh and Kirsh report doing 155 adoptions a year. At the average cost of $25,000 per adoption, that totals up to $3.8 plus million dollars. It sounds like they are throwing their wealth around to get what they want.

Kirsh and Kirsh want this bill to become law so that Indiana will become like Utah. Utah is known for its corruption. It uses its religion to force young men and women to relinquish their children. Indiana already has a case where that has happened. Brynden Ayre is a graduate student at Indiana University. He was dating a woman who had two children. She did not want a third child. She had threatened to dump their child in Indiana. He acted quickly and put his name on the putative registry. She jumped state to Texas. He did the same thing again. She encountered Adoption Services Associates who later introduced his girlfriend to Jenna Lee Ryan of her home based premium choice snowflake business. Jenna Lee Ryan shipped her to Utah with the Adoption Center of Choice. He got an attorney in preparation for a battle but this attorney was an American Academy of Adoption Attorneys member. This attorney then saw to it that he did not file on the putative registry in time. He is now appealling his case. There are two other fathers fighting this to the Supreme Courts in Utah with this same agency, Cody O'Dea and Joshua Simmerson.

Kirsh and Kirsh are however not good attorneys. The rumor on the adoption underground is that they are very corrupt. I have found two cases where they have tried to violate the father's right to parent their own child. With one father, they even went too far. The adoptive parents in one case backed out. Kirsh and Kirsh went and got another set of adoptive parents to complete the adoption. Fortunately they lost the case. There are others out there though. I have read them.

So for those reading today Please contact these legislators and tell them to VOTE NOTE ON SB 280 AND SB 303.

A Call to Action

I am asking adoptees, first mothers and adoptive mothers to help defeat a bill in Indiana. It is SB 280 which will be merged with SB 303. The senator that we were working with has decided to go behind our backs and not go along with a clean adoptee rights bill. The bad part is that she, Senator Lubbers and Kirsh/Kirsh Adoption attorneys have been working together to make Indiana like Utah. They are seeking to remove the ICPC regulations from incoming mothers. So if an Ohio Mother relinquishes in Indiana, she no longer has to follow Ohio laws in regard ICPC. This will hurt father's rights. It encourages women to jump states where she might be more vulnerable.

Please write the legislators in Indiana and tell them NO to SB 280 and SB 303.

You can send emails through this website. Copy and paste your email to all these legislators. Tell them we do not want fathers to have their rights violated. We do not want women who will be vulnerable in the state of Indiana. We do not want a reinforcement registry.


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Updates are being posted.

It seems that Indiana is going to be a battle ground for abortion issues. Adoptee rights are squeezed in the middle of it. All I can do is hope and pray. I am also not stupid either. I know how messy and complicated that abortion and adoption can be. I wish these legislators would realize that adoption is not the panacea for abortion. That is however possibly too complicated for some folks to realize.

You can check at the following for updates.


Both sites will have review of the bills and the updates with those bills being presented. Its just a little more sweatin' time. Maybe we shall pull this off.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

What is the point of this article?

I was reading this article today. I am still not clear if it even has anything to do with adoption. It concerns an adoptee. They even published his natural parents' names. Again what was the point of it? It doesn't make sense to me.

The author discusses Steve Jobs, Apple's Chief Executive Officer. Okay I understand he is big in the music, film and computer industries. That makes him important enough to write about. I get that. So what again about him being an adoptee has to do with anything? They discuss his life at home, previous marriage, and then his history with the Apple company.

They throw in this for the article:

"Jobs has led a complex life. He was given up by his birth mother, a "young, unwed college student", for adoption by a university-educated couple - except that Paul and Clara Jobs weren't graduates, a fact that almost derailed the adoption. Jobs senior was a machinist for a laser manufacturer. "

Its this part that blows me away completely:

"Born 24 February 1955.

Family Joanne Carole Schieble and Abdulfattah Jandali, of Syria - students. Adopted by Paul and Clara Jobs.

Education Reed College in Portland, Oregon, for one term but dropped out - but attended some classes, including calligraphy which he later said was key to Macintosh's use of typefaces.

Career 1970-1 worked after high school at Hewlett-Packard, meeting Steve Wozniak with whom he founded Apple in 1976. Founded NeXT Computer after being ejected from Apple in boardroom row in 1985. NeXT bought by Apple in 1997 and Jobs returned as interim and then full-time CEO.

Health Jobs had operation to remove neuroendocrine tumours from pancreas in 2004. Took two months off."

Why does it matter if he was adopted? This article sounds like it is a total jab at a man who is taking time for an illness. His private life is really no one's business. His adoption is really no one's business. If this were a business article, adoption definitely has no purpose in it. The portion about the family should have been about his current family situation. It should not have been about his birth status. Is the purpose of this article to humiliate him in some fashion because of his adoption status/position? If that is the case, it failed horribly. It looks bad on the author himself.