Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Why does adoption need to change?

Adoption must change because it is becoming more and more about others instead of the children. It is about placing adoptive parents in competition with birthparents. It has become about the needs of the agency. It is about the need to profit. It is about the agency’s need to cover its proverbial rear end. It is no wonder that more and more examples of adoption corruption coming to light.

Recently in the news was a father who was trying to “sell” his child to the highest bidder. Of course, that story is not true but we do have other stories that are similar. Women who con adoptive parents are doing time for that kind of thing. If they know it is about the money, then how can it be any different for the adoption agencies?

We have to start changing the laws to reflect what adoption is about. Is adoption about the child or is about the money? Right now from what I have read, it is about the money. It is about scamming as many people as possible. Our state legislators let them get away with it. Adoption is a feel good thing. Is it really? I do not think so.

Confidentiality is there to protect the agencies. It is not there to protect it from anyone else. Why else would an adoption agency director leave adoption records in a building to be picked up by trash collectors? Why else would social workers violate the foster parent’s confidentiality because they have to remove a child from that home. That child was abusing other children in the home.

If you think about these things, it would not take you long to realize that adoption is not a good thing. It is not the panacea for abortion. Adoption comes with its own loss and problems. Until we can fix those problems, we can not fix even abortion to a point where it is a rare event.

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