Monday, February 23, 2009

Good Grief

I remember reading this story. I even wrote about it. The adoptive parents are taking this all the way to the Supreme Court. According to the article:

"They continue to feel that the lower court and the Court of Appeals made an erroneous decision," John Mills, an attorney for the Unthanks, said Wednesday. "They want to continue until there are no more appeals (to be made)."

Good Grief let it go people. The courts have ruled that Cody belongs with Kenneth and Christine. The entitlement of some adoptive parents give the rest of adoptive parents a really bad name. When does it end? Shame on Unthanks for allowing this to continue

The adopters have filed this case with the Michigan Supreme Court on 2/3/09. Interestingly this case was won because of the precedents set by the Baby Jessica/Anna case.

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