Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Madonna and Adoption Again

This woman just sickens me. I was never a big fan anyway. I now turn off her music. I won't listen to it. This includes the stuff from the past when she was the "material" girl. She has become immaterial if you ask me. I do feel that she is buying Mercy. It gives the rest of the adoptive parents a really bad name. She has been quoted as saying that adopting a child is like giving birth. Excuse me again?

I hope Mercy's grandmother wins out on this one. We have an opportunity to do just that. Ethica has issued a call to action. It really won't take much. Just a few bucks from many members in the adoption community.

Here is the call to action issued by Ethica:

Ethica's Call to Action on the Mercy James Case*

Ethica is calling to action to raise funds to assist Mercy James to be cared
for within her country with her extended family of origin. The annual
average salary in Malawi is $160.00. If we provide those funds to the care
of Mercy James for the next 14 years, we believe not only could she stay
with her family, but she should also be able to be educated within her own
country. Therefore we are challenging the adoption community to help us
raise $2,240 for Mercy James.

Please read our entire statement on this subject and donate here:

http://ethicanet. org/item. php?recordid= malawi&pagestyle =default

So help Mercy stay in her country of origin. Lets tell Madonna that she doesn't have the money to buy this child. Tell Madonna to honor this child's grandmother's wishes.

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