Sunday, July 26, 2009

Adoptee Rights Demonstration: From Nola To Philly!

Here is the latest video from the Adoptee Rights Demonstration. Next year they are coming to our state. Yep Indiana Folks stand up and pay attention. They are coming to Louisville. Our turf! We can do this. We can make it bigger than Philly and New Orleans combined. Are you excited? You should be. I know that I am. I will be there on my home turf.

Here is another way to help the ARD to raise funds.

Listen up! We need EVERYONE'S help to spread the word about the Adoptee Rights Demonstration, and maybe even help the protest win $200 to go towards expenses for next year's rally!

There's a slide show up on Youtube with pictures from the protests in New Orleans and Philadelphia. The link is:

We need EVERYONE to do these three things at the link above:

1.) Rate the video

2.) Add it to your favorites

3.) Leave a comment

Doing these three things all count as 'votes' at Youtube. With enough votes, we'll be pushed to the front of the Nonprofits and Activism page, which will raise awareness about the protest and our issue.

Done? OK next steps!!

Head on over to and repeat the steps above

1.) Rate the video

2.) Add it to your favorites

3.) Leave a comment

These three items all count as votes there as well.

AdoptionVoices is having a contest, and the video with the most votes will win $200. This would be a HUGE help to the protest, as our permit expenses for Louisville will be much higher than at protest-friendly Philadelphia.

Please help!

Thank you!

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