Thursday, May 7, 2009

What a Shame!

A dear friend sent me this article today. I am always saddened when a young person loses their life. This story takes it a little further. This young girl, Dureti Bishop, is a beautiful young woman in her own right. She looks so vibrant, strong, and alive. What makes this story adoption related is that she was adopted from Ethiopia at the age of 5. Her parents discovered that she had child onset schizophrenia. I remember in the year that I was with the state hospital that it could be managed with medication. The adoptive parents eventually sent her to Boys Town. She later excelled at track and field events. She was also an avid reader.

My first problem with the article was that her adoption was a part of it. My second problem with the article is that her schizophrenia was also mentioned. Then the last thing is that she was at Boys Town. The fact that she excelled at her school work and her athletic abilities should have been all the article stated. There should not have been any mention of the other events in her life. We should be respecting her life, not the problems of it.

Rest in peace, my dear beautiful girl. God has taken you home.

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Unknown said...

I couldn't agree more! I lived with Dureti at BoysTown. She wasn't at all how her horrible adopted parents described her.All they ever focused on was all the problems she had and they even made up some of them..! She was not schizophrenic!