Thursday, March 12, 2009

Midwife Denies Arranging an Illegal Adoption

Is it any wonder that stories such as this one are coming out? There is no regulation of adoption at all in many countries. I asked a friend of mine recently about this in the training for attorneys. I have read it other places as well. There is very little training for attorneys. There maybe a chapter or two in law books. It is the same situation with the Indiana woman who was pleaded guilty to scamming prospective adoptive parents out of New York. Just one quick look at many of the tax records of adoption agencies is enough to make one realize that they are in the wrong business.

The adoption industry does not want to regulate itself thus putting an end to this kind of thing. It would mean that they too have to put an end to their actions. They most definitely do not want the federal and state governments looking into their actions.

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