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The date of the Adoptee Rights Protest is:



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This is from Adoptee Rights

On October 4th the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute will hold their annual Angels in Adoption gala, where several people will be honored with the Angels in Adoption Reward.
To raise a voice against adoption propaganda and this self congratulatory practive, Pound Pup Legacy is proud to introduce the first edition of the annual Demons of Adoption Awards.
This years nominees are:, for systematically banning voices that oppose current adoption practices

Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute for awarding persons and organizations that promote the one sided point of view of the adoption industry.

Council on Accreditation for having fierce adoption lobbyists in their board of trustees, making the accreditation process a dubious conflict of interest affair.

National Council for Adoption for pushing the adoption agenda in pregnancy consultation.

National Safe Haven Alliance for promoting legislation that promotes child abandonment.
NYC Administration for Children’s Services for not checking up on Judith Leekin.

By voting You can help decide who will receive this award.

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Here is the first part of the story in Terre Haute. They give tips on how to search in Indiana.

Genealogy: Orphanages play important role in historyBy Tamie DehlerTribune-Star Correspondent
TERRE HAUTE — Although orphans’ homes are now a thing of the past in today’s society, they played an important role in earlier centuries. Vigo County once had three orphanages, two of which received high praises during their years of operation for being models of high standards and quality care.In 1872, the Sisters of Providence opened a hospital on the north side of town and called it Providence Hospital. The building was funded by a generous donation from philanthropist Chauncey Rose. This large, gothic facility was situated on the east side of 13th Street between 5th and 6th avenues. Providence Hospital never really caught on in the community, and was in operation for only two years. The bishop then acquired the hospital building from the Sisters and it was converted to an orphanage for girls which opened in 1876. One-hundred seventy-six girls were brought to the new facility from Vincennes, and the home was called St. Ann Orphan’s Home. It continued operating until early 1919, when it was permanently closed and the residents were transferred to Indianapolis. St. Ann’s Orphan’s Home consistently had more than 100 residents during its years of operation.Chauncey Rose also played a major role founding Vigo County’s second orphanage, the Rose Orphan’s Home, which was in operation in Terre Haute from 1884 to 1949. This institution was conceptualized in 1873 when the Vigo County Orphan Home Board was formed, backed by Mr. Rose. When he died in 1877, before the home was actually built, the name was changed to honor him. Located on the northeast corner of 25th Street and Wabash Avenue, the Rose Orphan’s Home was called “one of the top 10 children’s institutions in the U.S.” in 1910, and was identified as “the nation’s finest” in 1929. It housed up to 150 children. When the Rose Home ceased operation in 1949, its residents were transferred to the Glenn Home.The Glenn Home, which was located in the Lost Creek Township town of East Glenn, was also known as the Vigo County Home for Dependent Children. It operated from 1903 to 1979. It was built on the “cottage plan,” in which different buildings serving different ages were scattered across a campus. In 1915 it was said of the institution that “nothing of this class is superior in the state.” The home was partially self-supporting, with the girls making the residents’ clothing, as well as participating in other domestic activities, and the boys working on the farm that was part of the property. Glenn Home was the only one of the institutions that took infants. Its census ranged from around 175 to 60 children, but it averaged 100 residents at any one time. During certain years, the institution practiced racial segregation, and there are two buildings on the premises that once served as cottages for black children.For genealogists, finding an ancestor or relative who was placed in an orphanage can be a challenge. A local woman, herself an adoptee, has spent the past three years building some impressive Web sites to honor Vigo County’s three orphanages and their past residents. Jennifer Krockenberger has built sites that tell the history of each institution, feature a variety of pictures and photos, offer a place for former residents to post queries or reminisce, and provide links to the federal censuses for each institution. Visit these fascinating sites at,, and Krockenberger also has a site at Homes/index.php?act=idx, which serves as a message board for the orphanage Web sites.Next week will continue with more information on the orphanages and will feature information on the upcoming tribute to the Glenn Home children’s cemetery.


Here is a story out of Terre Haute Indiana. If you want to check out some of your lineage, they suggest checking the local orphanage.

Here is the story forever immortalized in print. They actually give tips on how and where to search for information.

Genealogy: Vigo orphanage Web sites offer great detailBy Tamie DehlerThe Tribune-Star
TERRE HAUTE — Last week’s column introduced the topic of Vigo County orphanages and discussed the St. Ann Orphans Home for girls, the Rose Orphans Home, and the Glenn Home (also known as the Vigo County Home for Dependent Children). Jennifer Krockenberger’s three enlightening Web sites tell viewers all about these institutions, and can be found at,, and Her Web sites are detailed and instructional for any one wanting to know the history of these institutions, to see old and recent photographs, to search the censuses of each facility, or to connect with former residents of the homes. Jennifer started her work in 2004 when she created her first Web site as a tribute to the Glenn Home, the last orphanage in Vigo County to close. An adoptee herself, who was never actually a resident of an orphanage, she is still keenly interested in the history of these institutions and the genealogical challenges that adoptees are up against when seeking their biological roots. She relates that searching for, and finding, her biological roots was a “life-altering experience,” Her story about her own experience is on her Web site About 4 years ago, Lost Creek County Trustee Rick Long also became interested in the Glenn Home. He received a phone call from a man dying of cancer who was a former resident of Glenn Home. The man stated that he wanted to be buried in the Glenn Home Cemetery. As a township trustee, Rick is responsible for maintaining each cemetery in Lost Creek Township, but he wasn’t aware that there WAS a cemetery at Glenn Home. Meanwhile, Jennifer Krockenberger had found a map showing a cemetery on the property, but no one could locate it in the woods. The search went on until April 2007, when the Glenn Home children’s cemetery was discovered with the help of several people, including members of Rose Hulman’s Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity that now occupies the old Glenn Home property and buildings. A single grave has been found, but there is death record evidence that at least 20 children are buried there. (See the Web site for the names of these children and a photo of the one known grave).As the man responsible for all the township’s cemeteries, Rick Long wanted to honor those buried in the Glenn Home cemetery. But because the actual burial ground is in the woods and covered by thickets, it was decided to place a memorial to the orphans in a more public and accessible location. The Chamberlain Cemetery, located behind the old Glenn Home property on Old Maple Avenue, was selected.So on Saturday, in the Chamberlain Cemetery, the Lost Creek Township board will dedicate a memorial stone to the memory of the children who died as residents of Glenn Home and to the legacy of the thousands of children and staff who once resided there. The dedication ceremony will be at 1 p.m., and will be brief. The public is invited. Due to the absence of parking in and near the cemetery, a shuttle bus has been set up. Those wanting to attend the dedication should park in the lot of the Victory Christian Church on U.S. 40 east of Seelyville to be taken by bus to the Chamberlain Cemetery. The bus will leave for the cemetery at 12:30 p.m.Prior to the dedication ceremony, former residents and staff of the Glenn Home are invited to tour the campus from 9:30-11:30 a.m. by the fraternity. This event is not open to the public. Contact Lost Creek Trustee Rick Long at (812) 877-3415 for further information

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Daughter, in search for birth parents, finds 9-11 heroAssociated PressST. PAUL - Mariah Mills thought she knew who her birth father might be after finding out he had probably died, even without immediately learning his name.Years earlier, after hearing that planes had crashed into the World Trade Center while she was a high school student here, she felt she had lost someone. Now, Mills was even more sure after talking briefly on the phone with her mother, who had seen Mills' parents' names on her daughter's birth certificate, only saying they would talk about it later."I remember her saying, 'I think my birth dad is dead," her friend Margaret Nevins recalled in an article published in the Sunday's edition of the St. Paul Pioneer Press. "She said, `I think it's that guy who died in 9/11.' I thought she was jumping to conclusions. She was pretty sure about it, though."And she was right.Mills' father, who had given Mills up for adoption when he and his girlfriend were in college, was Tom Burnett, a leader of a group that fought back on Flight 93 before it crashed in Pennsylvania on Sept. 11, 2001.Her father, Walter Mills, shakes his head in disbelief as he recollects her words back on 9/11. "That - what's the word? Premonition? Yes, premonition. That's nothing science could ever explain."Mills learned about her birth father in 2004 - after she turned 19, the legal age in Minnesota for requesting a birth certificate with names of birth parents - and subsequent DNA tests confirmed that Burnett was her father.Today, Mills has developed a relationship with Burnett's widow, Deena, her three daughters, husband and stepson, and other members of Burnett's family. She celebrated her birthday with her birth mother, who lives in St. Paul with her husband and two children and asked not to be named for this story.But learning about her father's death on that infamous day without never having had the chance to meet him was difficult, Mills and her family recalled in the Pioneer Press story."The information just hit us like an explosion," said Mills' mother, Cathy. "It was like that plane crashed into our house. The trauma, the shock, the sadness. Everything changed."Mills and her parents visited Jefferson High School in Bloomington during the spring of 2004 after Mariah found out about her birth parents. Mariah wanted to look up Tom Burnett in his senior yearbook. She found his photo and one of her birth mother, too."It was weird to finally look like somebody," Mills said. "I have her eyes, but mostly I look like a Burnett."She also visited Tom Burnett's grave at Fort Snelling National Cemetery and left flowers there. She spent most of the rest of spring break crying. She locked herself in her bedroom and scarcely ate or slept. Her parents encouraged her to take a leave from DePaul University in Chicago, but she refused."It was painful to watch," Cathy Mills said. "She was just traumatized. She would never meet him. And the way he died - such a public death - yet she had no way of knowing about it at the time. A girl she knew at DePaul told her she went to his funeral. Of course, Mariah wasn't there."Mills didn't go out much after she returned to DePaul to finish her freshman year."I felt just numb," she said. "I slept a lot, stared at the wall. I would wake up in the morning and look at myself and see him. His face, his nose and my eyes set like his. I'd waited so long to meet him, and I was two and half years too late. College is about figuring out what you want to do and who you are and, for me, finding out who my parents were was a last missing part of the puzzle."Deena Burnett was one of the few people who knew Tom had fathered a child given up for adoption. She and Tom met in Atlanta in July 1989 during an afternoon happy hour when she was a Delta Air Lines flight attendant and he was a regional sales manager.About six weeks into their relationship, Tom told her his girlfriend in college had gotten pregnant, that the two had talked about getting married and had finally decided to give the baby up for adoption.Deena Burnett was shocked and angry. "Here was my new boyfriend, the one I had been sure I would marry, and I just didn't understand," she said. "I came from southeast Arkansas, where if you had a child out of wedlock, you kept that child."But she could see that he felt regret and "was still struggling with the fact he had given this child up," she said. Tom made it clear "he hoped to have a relationship with that child at some point, and I would need to be willing to accept that child into our family."After Mills was given up for adoption, Burnett's family didn't talk about the baby.But during the last several years of his life, Burnett talked about the baby with his younger sister Mary Jurgens, telling her more than once, "My children and I will meet that child when the time is right."When it came time for Mariah to meet Burnett's family, she barely slept the night before."I've never been so scared," she said. "I wanted to look conservative but nice for my grandparents. Nothing tight or low-cut. I wanted them to be proud I was their relative."She brought along photographs of herself, family and friends and a bouquet to give them. "I wanted to be Miss Personality - funny, articulate and charismatic," she said. "I wanted to be perfect for them."The Burnetts invited Mariah to the house of Martha Burnett - Tom Burnett's older sister - for brunch on a spring day in 2004. Jurgens met her at the door, instantly feeling a deep connection to the tall, blond teen with a lovely smile, neatly attired in light blue capris, a black tank top and cardigan, and black flip-flops."When I opened the door, it was like looking at my little nieces - but grown up. I was so excited to meet her and yet there was this deep sorrow my brother couldn't be there," Jurgens said. "When I opened the door it was like, 'I know you. You are part of us.'"The family looked at Mariah's photos and showed her their family pictures and mementos, contained in a big box. The brunch stretched to three hours."If only Tommy were still alive," Jurgens said. "I have this vision of what it would have been like for her to meet him, and it just breaks my heart. He was so calm and collected, and it would have been so comfortable to him, meeting her. I pictured my brother flying to Chicago and picking her up for dinner, making it really special. They would have had this fabulous time."Mills transferred to the University of Minnesota and is entering her senior year. She will spend her first semester studying abroad. Her dream job, she said, would be writing about baseball and covering the Minnesota Twins."Before I was even born, my birth dad made a brave decision - to give me a life," Mills said. "It was a selfless act, just like his actions on Flight 93. And, as awful as it was that he died, and I never got to know him, there is good that came out of this. We each sort of get part of Tom back. I get all of them and they get me, his daughter

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Brynden Ayers

Indiana now has a father whose rights are being denied to him. His name is Brynden Ayres. He is a hoosier. Sadly the Indiana legislators want to ignore him. Too bad that they won't listen to him. Maybe I can get them to listen to him. Maybe I can get them to read what the Illinois Attorney General had to say. The Adoption Center of Choice has a bad reputation. You can read about it here. The author has done extensive research on this agency. Utah in itself has a bad reputation anyway but this is one of the bottom feeders in the country. His girlfriend started in Indiana. He is on the putative father registry. She can't put her child up for adoption there. Then she came down to Texas. He put himself on it down here too. Texas sent her on her way. As long as a father wants to parent, the child can't be up for adoption. She goes to Utah. Low and behold, she can do it there. This man has tried keeping up with her for two states. Utah doesn't recognize father's rights as seen here and here along with the stories from that other blog.

I am this man's child fourty two years down the road. I found out that my father wanted me but wasn't allowed to raise me. I can't say whether or not it would have been better. It is no longer a point for me. Our country allows for these situations to continue. We must put a stop to it. If adoption is going to continue in this country, we must change it now.

Join me in writing these individuals to get them to change the law. We must not only advocate for adoptees and their families access to the OBC but also advocate for basic civil rights to raising the very children that we bring into this world.

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FIRST OFF AND ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT IS BASTARD NATION'S ACTION ALERT FOR MASSACHUSETTSBASTARD NATION ACTION ALERT! MASSACHUSETTS SB63 Please forward freely!MASSACHUSETTS TRASHES ADOPTEE RIGHTS!ADOPTEES BLACKLISTED BY DATE OF BIRTH! Call, email, or fax Governor Deval Patrick IMMEDIATELY and urge him to VETO SB 63. (Contact information below)In 2005 we were told by members of the Massachusetts legislature, “Trust us." Unrestricted adoptee access to their own original birth certificates in Massachusetts is a "no brainer." In 2006 we were told, "Oops! Our bad!" We can only "give access to some of you." The once clean bill, with the support of certain "adoption reformers" was amended repeatedly and quietly, until the right of ALL Massachusetts adoptees to receive their birth record was reduced to a favor for SOME. Although it passed both houses, the bill was pocket vetoed by then Governor Mitt Romney. IT'S BACK!Like a bad penny, the bill came back, resurrected as SB63, obnoxiously titled An Act Further Regulating Access to Birth Certificates. On August 30, 2007 SB63 passed the legislature. It will soon arrive on Gov Deval Patrick's desk. SB63 tosses a substantial number of Massachusetts adoptees, based solely on their date of birth, into a black hole without the same right of identity as everyone else born in Massachusetts.(1) Adopted persons 18 years of age or older born in the commonwealth on or before July 17, 1974 or on or after January 1, 2008 or an adoptive parent of an adopted person under 18 years of age and born in the commonwealth on or after January 1, 2008 will be "allowed" unrestricted access to the original birth certificate. (2) Adopted persons born in Massachusetts between those dates cannot access their original birth certificates without a court order or other special procedures.(3) The bill also establishes a "subject to appropriations" voluntary state-operated "contact information registry"--an apparent scrap thrown to the blacklisted, who will be forced to enroll in a government program with the hope that an original birth certificate might be forthcoming if a birthparent consents to its release.READ THE FULL TEXT: SB 63 IS BADSB 63 grossly discriminates against adoptees. The bill creates an arbitrary state-constructed blacklist, based solely on date of birth, prohibiting certain adopted persons from accessing their own original birth certificates. Those born before or after specified dates are permitted unrestricted access. Those born between those dates are blacklisted and required to seek a court order to receive their birth certificates. SB 63 revives and legitimizes debunked spurious claims of "implied promises of confidentiality" to birthparents. Such promises are an urban myth. In 30 years of birth record access legislation, no document has been presented to support "promises of confidentiality," "privacy" or "anonymity"-- implied or otherwise. SB 63 turns back the clock. In the last eight years Oregon, Alabama, New Hampshire, and Maine have restored to adopted persons, the right to access their own original birth certificates. Kansas and Alaska have never sealed birth certificates. Other states are moving toward full restoration of identity rights for all adoptees.SB 63 goes against the tide of rights restoration . It stigmatizes all the blacklisted adopted men and women forcing them to seek a court order for what is rightly theirs: their own original birth certificates.Bastard Nation: The Adoptee Rights Organization opposes legislation that denies any adult adoptee access to his or her own original birth records on par with all other citizens.STATISTICSFor an up-to-date stats on open records states go to BN's MySpace page: call or write Governor Patrick today to urge him to do the right thing: VETO SB 63.His Excellency Deval PatrickRoom 360Boston, MA 02133Phone: 617.725.4005 888.870.7770 (in state)Fax: 617.727.9725TTY: 617.727.3666Email template: A NEW GROUP FOR US NATIVE AMERICAN BASTARDS LOOKING FOR OUR WAY HOME.Tuesday, September 04, 2007First Nations Orphan Association (FNOA) - Adoptee Welcome Home Gathering!
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Greetings all,
I am forwarding an ad for an adoptee Welcome Home Gathering. This gathering is a first in Indian Country where a tribe is formally welcoming home their adoptees.White Earth along with Red Lake reservation had the highest rates of removal in the state of MN where 1 in 4 babies were removed from their home before the passage of ICWA in 1978.Since adoptees are scattered across the country I am asking if you could help in posting this ad.For more information contact:Sandy White
I have been keeping an eye on three fathers tackling the same agency. Cody O'Dea, Joseph Simmerson, and Bryndon Ayre are very harsh realities in the world of adoption. Fathers wanting to raise their children have no such luck in the state of Utah. It all comes down to one adoption agency, American Center For Choice. They have been pushing hard to have access to mothers out of states. Most of these other stories can be found here. The author of this blog has kept tabs on this agency for quite a while. No one except the state of Illinois has bothered to stop them. I hope to make at least the state of Indiana for Bryn Ayre to stand up and pay attention. Hopefully they will follow Illinois' lead on this issue.
Two of the mother's involved in these cases swear up and down that these men were not good men. They didn't stand up for their parenting rights during the pregnancy. Their language so far as been less than desired. It tends to take away their credibility. If they didn't want to raise their children, why couldn't these young men and their very supportive families raise these children? On another blog, Aislin, a commenter brings up a very good point. If these young women were on the up and up as they so profess, why did they go to Utah of all places? They chose to go there at the urging of someone. Everyone ever involved in the industry, including Indiana, Wyoming, Georgia and Texas all know better than to go to a state like Utah. Utah is far worse than any state in the union. It is even worse than the state of Florida. All of these states have a stopping point.
Everyone that reads here knows that I am sensitive to father's rights. I was blessed to have a wonderful husband. Should I ever die, I don't want anyone to interfere with his very capable ability to raise our two daughters on his own. I see my many high school male friends fighting these tough battles with their ex-wifes in order to have visitation with their wives. All of them are wonderful loving fathers. They have been very dear intelligent loving men. I would fight to death for their rights. After knowing something of my supposed history, I am their child at fourty two years of age. My natural father supposedly wanted me but he and I weren't allowed that opportunity to know each other. Still not for that matter. If my natural mother knew what I knew, I honestly believe that she too would be standing with me. Thanks to an industry that continually shames and humiliates her, she will not ever know what she and I have missed.
Ladies you might not have good relationships with these young men but seriously is that any reason to deny their rights to parent? If my own natural father had the strength fortitude to stand up and own his part in my life, then I feel that these young men should be afforded that opportunity that my own natural father was denied.

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Adoption scares me. Really it scares me. When I began my search, I honestly didn't think about really researching adoption as a political subject. Now I look at it in a whole another light. I have to wonder why the women and men groups are not more concerned. Are we really so concerned with the concept of "free love? Are we really concerned about morality? Does it really matter if women and men have options? I read recently about the Virginia putative father registry. The men responding in it were more concerned with their rights to procreate than being fathers. They viewed it as a way for women to get child support. Oh Lord if it were just that simple! I want to scream at them that its a way to deny you the right to raise your child. We want people to be responsible for sex but we are quick, too quick, to deny them the right to parent their own child. Our society, thanks to the likes of Madonna and Angelina Jolie, has gotten to the point where they think that they are entitled to other people's children. Just look at the Stephanie Bennett Case, Cody O'Dea, Allison Quets, Joshua, Bryn, Jamie Keifer, Rashad Head, Ibaanika, and many others. These are the ones that have made public news. How many do we not hear about? How many men and women are devastated by adoption? I am not even including adoptees. We are the ones that have to live with adoption. We are the ones who have their identity stolen from them.

I haven't touched on this story because it is in the United Kingdom. I hope that we never get to that point. Sadly we are heading that direction thanks to the President's Mental Health Initiative. I had hope that this just couldn't be true. In the state of Illinois, it passed without a hitch. All women of childbearing age will be tested for mental illness. Why would you the casual reader be concerned? They will use that testing against a woman. They will use that testing to take a child from their mother. The National Council for Adoption must be salivating at the thought of that. Its $40,000 per child for them. That would increase adoption a great deal. It would also put more children into the foster care system. This young woman was seeking help and counseling stemming from childhood issues. It is my understanding that she was raped as a child. Her counselors have also written in her behalf. This pediatrician who has never seen this young woman is the one who made the call on this young woman. She will have her baby taken at birth. She is now under court protective order. As with all the other cases, here, here, here, here and here, the family court system has put a gag order on all stories concerning this. Funny thing is that it still leaks out. These newspapers have heard from literally hundreds if not thousands.

This is what the National Council for Adoption would love to happen here. The National Council for Adoption is connected to the Heritage Foundation and Patrick Fagan. I have written about them in the past. It is now that I realize that this group means business. Patrick Fagan blames women for divorce, rape, domestic violence and their own poverty. I read recently that a pastor blamed slavery for the lack of fatherhood in the African American people. It really made sense. In slavery, black people were bought and sold. Slavery had separated families. It never gave fathers a chance to be a father or to learn how to be a father. I see adoption doing the same thing to other fathers as well as African American men. You see back in the baby scoop era, women were totally blamed for their pregnancies. Anglo American women were considered feeble minded, neurotic, mentally unstable, and causing their own pregnancies in order to strike back at their parents. African American women were blamed for their poverty of their race. Both groups of women were considered breeders for the infertile adopters wanting children. The only way that these women could be redeemed was to give their children up for adoption. Interestingly enough, adoption is a predominately white phenomena.

All through the NCFA website, you can find reference to how single women are responsible for the poverty of their children. How single women could help their children become successful by putting them up for adoption. Their CEO, Tom Atwood, is very connected to the Heritage Foundation. He worked for them for eleven years. He also worked for Bethany Adoption Services. Single women will be targeted with this type of legislation in place in Illinois. They will be declared incompetent as they were in the baby scoop era in order to gain their children. They will sell their children to the highest bidder. Are we as a society willing to go back? With groups like this in power, we must make a change and we must be willing to take a stand.

As a mother I do not want my daughters targeted. I want to help my daughters make their decision. In many of the stories previously mentioned, these people didn't have a good support system or they had unscrupulous people working against them. In fact I don't want any woman, man or child targeted for their ability to produce product for a market of entitled people.

Oh and on a side note, they are trolling our blogs and forums. I too thought what would they be interested in with little old me. I have had Holt International, Bethany, and even a troll at the Department of Energy. You ask why they would be interested in us. I found this little memo from the NCFA. The Department of Energy must answer to the Committee of Energy and Commerce. This committee regulates consumer affairs. We all know that adoption is a consumer based business.