Friday, January 23, 2009


This article alerted me to the problems of the bills, SB 280 and SB 303. Indiana Open and the AAC were working together to attempt to get a clean bill in the state of Indiana. I had planted the seed of adoptee access in Senator Miller's ear approximately a year ago because she responded to an email that was hopeful. Her biggest concern was that adoptee access will cause more abortions.

She had submitted SB 303 with the promise to our legislative liason that Indiana Open and the AAC would be included on any testimony. Sadly she never followed through. She met with them and then stated that she would speak with Kirsh and Kirsh. Without telling us, she and Senator Lubbers merged their bills without any further contact with us. According to the article, Kirsh and Kirsh became actively involved in the process.

The result is very horrible. It hurts adoption. It hurts natural parents. It hurts adoptive parents. Most importantly it hurts adoptees. Adoptees are the most important part of adoption. Adoption is supposed to be in our best interests. However with these bills, this is not the case. It is anti adoptee all the way to Kirsh and Kirsh's pocketbook. Kirsh and Kirsh are also members of the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys which is notoriously against adoptee access and for anything that makes their jobs quicker and more profitable. According to this blog report, Kirsh and Kirsh report doing 155 adoptions a year. At the average cost of $25,000 per adoption, that totals up to $3.8 plus million dollars. It sounds like they are throwing their wealth around to get what they want.

Kirsh and Kirsh want this bill to become law so that Indiana will become like Utah. Utah is known for its corruption. It uses its religion to force young men and women to relinquish their children. Indiana already has a case where that has happened. Brynden Ayre is a graduate student at Indiana University. He was dating a woman who had two children. She did not want a third child. She had threatened to dump their child in Indiana. He acted quickly and put his name on the putative registry. She jumped state to Texas. He did the same thing again. She encountered Adoption Services Associates who later introduced his girlfriend to Jenna Lee Ryan of her home based premium choice snowflake business. Jenna Lee Ryan shipped her to Utah with the Adoption Center of Choice. He got an attorney in preparation for a battle but this attorney was an American Academy of Adoption Attorneys member. This attorney then saw to it that he did not file on the putative registry in time. He is now appealling his case. There are two other fathers fighting this to the Supreme Courts in Utah with this same agency, Cody O'Dea and Joshua Simmerson.

Kirsh and Kirsh are however not good attorneys. The rumor on the adoption underground is that they are very corrupt. I have found two cases where they have tried to violate the father's right to parent their own child. With one father, they even went too far. The adoptive parents in one case backed out. Kirsh and Kirsh went and got another set of adoptive parents to complete the adoption. Fortunately they lost the case. There are others out there though. I have read them.

So for those reading today Please contact these legislators and tell them to VOTE NOTE ON SB 280 AND SB 303.

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