Saturday, April 25, 2009

Tarrant County Attorney Got Jail Time

I have written about this attorney in the past. I had someone stoutly defending this woman. This woman did their divorce if I remember correctly. This story is not about divorce. It is about adoption. You do not want to be on the birth parent side of the law. It is different. You will be railroaded every time. It does not matter what you think or want. There is no guarantees of an open adoption for you. There is no guarantees that you will ever get to see your child again. According to the article, this woman forged the signature of a family court judge along with other forged documents as well. She was presenting these documents to other judges. She was sentenced to 180 days in jail along with being disbarred.

Where does this kind of corruption come from? It comes from sealed records. It comes from the secrecy that is now very inherent in adoption. This hurts those of us living adoption. Can you imagine what these adoptees will discover when they are old enough to view their records? What about the birth families in this situation? What about the adoptive families in the messes that she created? People get hurt by individuals such as these. So yea she could do your divorce perfectly but she can not do adoptions all that great. Money is the reason why people such as her get into trouble.

This is why there needs to be transparency in adoption. Oklahoma is finally passing a bill that makes the fees available to adoptive parents. It is about time that these fees are explained in detail. Keep in mind these fees for the adoption agencies do not include the fees of the adoption attorney. Those are separate as well. It is time to end the blindsiding of all living adoption. We have to make changes now. We can no longer wait to make these changes. At least this woman will not be able to work in the law field again. She will have a criminal mark on her record so she will not be able to open an adoption agency. She can not move to another state to do so either as she is no longer a licensed attorney.

You can not mess with adoption records. Everything has to be on the up and up. You have to follow certain procedures. You can not bypass someone because you want these easier so that you can collect more money. This is why we need to be checking out the folks who do adoption. We need to know that their motivations are pure. They must have a certain accountability to those living adoption. One down how many more yet to go? Lets hope more are shut down soon. I would prefer NCFA member agencies. Many of their founding agencies are the ones that have gotten us into this situation in this first place. LDS Social Services comes to mind on this issue in particular. Too many fathers are having their rights violated.

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