Monday, February 9, 2009

California Open is Open for Business

Cal Open is a California adoptee rights organization dedicated to adoptee rights. They have just set up shop. They are ready to rock. Please visit them and show them your support for this very important issue for adoptees.

Adoptees have been fighting for thirty years to get access to their original birth certificates. The issue of adoptee access to the document that records their birth is a hard one to fight. The National Council for Adoption has traditionally come out against this issue. It is often confused with confidentiality and privacy. It is also confused with abortion issues.

Adoptees just want what is rightfully theirs. The non adopted do not have to fight to get access to a document that records their birth. The non adopted do no have to get their parents' permission to view the document that records their birth. Why should adoptees? It is time to make the laws equal. No special privileges. No special immunities. Just the equal treatment under the law.

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