Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My Apologies

I apologize for not keep up with this blog. I have been distracted with my adoptive mother's illness, Texas legislation, and a potential affair on the part of my husband. I have been busy trying to take care of all of those issues. As a result, there are several aspects of my life that have been left to suffer from neglect. I apologize to my readers for that.

I really wanted to take a break from adoption period. It has gotten to a point where it is nauseating at the very best to utter vomit in other parts. I believe Ethiopia will be the next Guatemala. I am at a point where I can not control everything. So I am slowing down taking care of myself and my daughters. My husband had better get his head of his butt soon.

So I apologize again to my readers for my lack of attention to many of the details of adoption. Those issues are still very much there. There are excellent whispers in Indiana of a potential bill. I thank God that Indiana does appear to be more progressive than Texas. So keep hope and fingers crossed so that we can make changes.

Take Care one and all.

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