Friday, November 6, 2009

The Demons In Adoption Award Winner

Have you seen this year's winner for the Demon in Adoption Awards? Its Bethany Christian Services. I personally believe that it is a well deserved reward.

According to the article:
Anti-abortion pregnancy counseling centers have been a growing phenomenon since their invention in the early 1970's and are one of the main suppliers of infants for the adoption industry. With more than 1100 anti-abortion pregnancy counseling centers, Heartbeat International is one of the largest supply chains of infants. Three out of the five aforementioned, Angel in Adoption receiving centers, is an affiliate of Heartbeat International, and so is the subject of this article, Bethany Christian Services.

Of course they also did the Sixteen and Pregnant on MTV recently as well where they showed an exchange happening on the street corner. I have heard repeated stories where they coerce women out of their children. They make false promises of open adoptions. They let the openness in those adoptions fail.

Congratulations for being the Demon in Adoption.

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