Sunday, February 22, 2009

Doofus Award goes to the NCFA

The National Council for Adoption finally after a year and half gives its rebuttal to the Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute. They say the statistics in the EBD study are flawed because it doesn't prove either way that adoptee access doesn't cause any problems. Well I would like to know where they get their statistics from. I have not come across stories of stalking adoptees from Oregon, New Hampshire, Alabama, Kansas, and Alaska. Now the states with sealed records yes. I do. I think it is a reflection on those states. The states with sealed records encourage enabling of both the adoption industry and the shame of the adoptee and their families. Why do these states feel the need to regulate the relationships of its adoptive communitities but not the non adopted? What makes us extra special unless of course adoption is the presumptive that causes harm? If that is the case, why is this country in the practice of adoption?

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legitimatebastard said...

Thank you for commenting on this recent NCFA publication.

More people within adoption reform need to voice their objections -- list them --- whatever they are. What you see and feel might be different from what I see and feel. The main point is that we cannot let lies and deception and money be the focus of adoption.

Keep speaking out!