Thursday, August 21, 2008


This is something that Catholic Charities and the NCFA constantly throw at us fighting for adoptee access. I personally believe that the mothers should have equal access to that document. To understand what the right to privacy means you need to understand the laws and the different definitions of privacy.

The Catholic Church and its charity, Catholic Charities have issues with the right to privacy period. They have tried to keep the Catholic priest issue under raps for years both in Texas and in Indiana. As recently as December of 2007, they were still fighting over the sexual abuse scandal of the Catholic Church. On Channel Six Indianapolis, this story came up on my Google search.

Recently a document has come to my attention about adoptee access and the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church was initially opposed to the sealing of records. They even wrote the Governor of New York about it. You can find that article here.

Definitions of Privacy according to Wikipedia:
  • Physical privacy means the prevention of intrusions into one's physical space or solitude, unwelcome searching of one's personal possessions or unauthorized access to one's home or vehicle. This can also be used for stalking.
  • Informational privacy means keeping one's identifying information such as a person's social security number private.
  • Financial privacy is about keeping our financial transactions private along with all of our credit card, debit card and account numbers.
  • Medical privacy is about keeping our medical records to ourselves.
  • Political privacy is being able to vote anonymously.
  • Familial privacy is being able to make the best reproductive choices for one's family without governmental interference. (This one is not in Wikipedia but it is often used when it comes to adoptee access.)
  • Organizational privacy is more about keeping trade secrets amongst companies private so that another company can't exploit their secrets. The government may also invoke executive privilege.
None of this really explains why adoptees and their families can't have access to the adoption records and the original birth certificate. These are documents that pertain to all of us. They are about all of us. They have our names all over it.

Adoption according to Indiana's right to privacy laws is considered separate under the law. If one were to read Brown vs. Board of Education, then the state would realize that separate is not equal. Roe vs. Wade is another example that they love to misinterpret. It is about the right to privacy. It is about the right to be free from governmental interference.


There are two bills that are up before the current Indiana legislative session. These are the bills from the previous years that have not been resolved.

One bill is SB 0217 which is a human and sexual trafficking bill that does not go far enough. It targets only the sexual side of human trafficking. It does not go into the international adoption side. That is currently a major issue amongst adoption reformists.

Here is the quoted text of the bill:

Human and sexual trafficking. Allows a court to order the: (1) dissolution or reorganization of; or (2) suspension, revocation, or forfeiture of a license, permit, charter, or prior approval granted by an agency of the state to; a corporation, a limited liability company, a partnership, or an unincorporated association if an agent of the corporation, company, partnership, or association commits a human or sexual trafficking offense while acting within the scope of the agent's authority. Provides that it is a defense that a person who engaged in criminal conduct did so because the person was a victim of a human or sexual trafficking offense. Makes it promotion of human trafficking, a Class B felony, for a person to recruit, harbor, or transport another person by force, threat of force, or fraud to force the other person into appearing in a state of nudity or engaging in or participating in an obscene performance or a performance that is harmful to minors. Makes it human trafficking, a Class C felony, for a person to pay, offer to pay, or agree to pay money or other property to another person for an individual whom the person knows has been forced into appearing in a state of nudity or engaging in or participating in an obscene performance or a performance that is harmful to minors. Makes it promoting prostitution, a Class C felony, for a person to sell or offer to sell travel services that include or facilitate travel for the purpose of patronizing a prostitute in Indiana or another jurisdiction. Requires an international matchmaking organization to provide a copy of a client's criminal history information and marital history declaration and certain other information to a recruit of the organization in the recruit's native language and English.

Another bill of interest is HB 1358. It prohibits discrimination based on ancestry. This is the third year running on this bill. It has yet to be passed.

Here is the quoted text of that bill:

Civil rights. Extends antidiscrimination and civil rights statutes to include prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, disability, and ancestry.

Its time to start writing legislators to let them know that they are violated our rights by discriminating against us by treating us separately.

Monday, August 18, 2008


Hey Coleman moms and adoptees! The Coleman blanket along with my other swedish weave blanket took third place in the rodeo competition. I am so happy for all of us. I hope that you are as well. The legislative year should start soon. I will also be writing the Indiana state legislators. Following up with those that spoke with the Adoptee Rights Demonstration in Louisiana.

By the way, the next Adoptee Rights Demonstration will be in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I know that we will get a better turnout next year. Be sure to stay tuned here and on the Adoptee rights Demonstration website for the latest details.

Sunday, August 10, 2008


Sorry gang. I have been in the process of getting ready for a ranch roundup. I am entering a blanket that I have named "The Colors of Coleman." Its dedicated to the mothers and adoptees of Coleman adoption agency. So be patient with me. I will back to posting after this coming weekend. I promise to post pictures this thursday of all of the items that hubby and I have entered into the rodeo.

Take care and wish us luck.