Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Can you believe this?

I read this article this morning. I was furious that Rush Limbaugh would make light of such a serious subject. I do not even listen to the man anymore. Too many people give him credit where he deserves none. The Catholic Church is not my favorite religion at all. They are just too goofy now to be a viable religion. I remember being told that if I did not marry within the church that I would go to hell. Okay too much for me to handle so I just stopped going. I have gone back a few times but it wasn't enough for me.

A nine year old girl is raped by her step father. Her mother reports the crime. The girl is pregnant with twins. The doctors and her mother decide that it would be best if she had an abortion. The doctors are concerned that her body will not be able to handle the pregnancy. What does the Catholic church do? They ex-communicate the mother and the doctors in this case. What about the step father? Nothing. He is sitting in jail. No he is not excommunicated. This girl's life is ruined by the actions of one man, her step father. Shame on the Catholic Church for valuing his life over hers.

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