Friday, January 23, 2009

A Call to Action

I am asking adoptees, first mothers and adoptive mothers to help defeat a bill in Indiana. It is SB 280 which will be merged with SB 303. The senator that we were working with has decided to go behind our backs and not go along with a clean adoptee rights bill. The bad part is that she, Senator Lubbers and Kirsh/Kirsh Adoption attorneys have been working together to make Indiana like Utah. They are seeking to remove the ICPC regulations from incoming mothers. So if an Ohio Mother relinquishes in Indiana, she no longer has to follow Ohio laws in regard ICPC. This will hurt father's rights. It encourages women to jump states where she might be more vulnerable.

Please write the legislators in Indiana and tell them NO to SB 280 and SB 303.

You can send emails through this website. Copy and paste your email to all these legislators. Tell them we do not want fathers to have their rights violated. We do not want women who will be vulnerable in the state of Indiana. We do not want a reinforcement registry.


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