Monday, May 18, 2009

Green Ribbon Ca mpaign

The Green Ribbon Campaign has launched their website today. It is a beautiful website. It has many powerful bits of information on it. My honest to God favorite is this one:

"Long after we reach the age of 21, adoptees are treated as children by the law. Unable to participate in the decision that forever altered the course of our lives as children, we are, as adults, forbidden even to review the decisions that were made on our behalf, supposedly for our welfare. In some states, the biological parent who was persuaded to relinquish us as an infant is consulted to determine if we may know the truth of our origins. The facts of one's birth are among the most intimate details of one's life but if you are adopted, that information is closed to you in most states."

That says it all real clear and concise. It does not get any straighter than that. So make sure you stop and give them a shout out. If you have a blog, make sure that they are linked.

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