Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Adoption Advantage Goes Down

Another adoption agency goes down due to unethical adoption practices. It is making big news in Arkansas. The attorney involved is Ed Webb. After checking for information on their website, it too has been removed. It is amazing how fast everything works at times. This agency is a for profit business.

According to news articles, fifty families were involved. Ed Webb has relinquished the agency's license but he still has not relinquished his attorney's license. It will be interesting to see if he jumps states only to set up shop somewhere else.

The adoption industry is such an incestuous industry. When one agency shuts down, many of the folks jump ship and go to work for another agency or set up shop under another name.


Anonymous said...

There were 50 families that filed formal complaints with the state, but there are several more involved and some didn't even know about it until after the hearing where the licnesing board 'strongly suggested' that Ed Webb relinquish his license. I know, because my husband and I are among those that were taken advantage of in this case. Now it is just a waiting game to see what resolves out of all this.

The Barreness said...

me too. didn't hear about it until today. We were scammed in Feb of 2007, but thankfully didn't hand over any money to them. Just our adoption attorney that we hired here (we're out of state).

these families need prayers right now too, the birthparents who are no longer in contact with their babies because of this, and the families who are out tens of thousands of dollars and still empty hearted.

dordel said...

we were lucky and unlucky with AA. We adopted a beautiful baby girl in 2004. We were not planning on adopting again until we got a call from AA in 2006 telling us that our daughters BM was pregnant again and of course because it was a sibling we said yes to adopting again. All fees and expenses were paid and then they told us the BM changed her mind. We asked for some of our fees but was told no. We thought this was unfair since we did not approach them to adopt again. It was as though they were forcing us to adopt again. We only thought it would be wonderful for our daughter and new baby to be together. We still held onto hope that our daughter would have a biological sibling but it doesn't look like that will happen. Sad for everyone caught in the middle of this mess. God Bless!!!