Friday, March 6, 2009

Update on Adam Herrman

The judge in the case of Adam Herrman has decided against lifting the restraining order on his adoption files. As many remember a couple months back, Adam Herrman was discovered missing. The bad thing is that he was missing for ten years. His adoptive parents never reported it. It was his natural parents who attempted to make contact. They were told that he has been missing for years. In the meantime, his "adoptive parents" were still collecting adoption subsidies from the government.

According to this news report:

Friday an attorney representing the Butler County Attorney's office told Judge Mike Ward the county attorney's office no longer objects to releasing those documents. The judge ruled there is still no evidence the Herrman case is a homicide, so he upheld the restraining order.

Hopefully the case will be presented to the Butler county Attorney General's office soon. The adoptive parents are suspects in this case. As many also remember, there was numerous complaints from family members on both sides of abuse.

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