Monday, May 18, 2009

Green Ribbon Ca mpaign

The Green Ribbon Campaign has launched their website today. It is a beautiful website. It has many powerful bits of information on it. My honest to God favorite is this one:

"Long after we reach the age of 21, adoptees are treated as children by the law. Unable to participate in the decision that forever altered the course of our lives as children, we are, as adults, forbidden even to review the decisions that were made on our behalf, supposedly for our welfare. In some states, the biological parent who was persuaded to relinquish us as an infant is consulted to determine if we may know the truth of our origins. The facts of one's birth are among the most intimate details of one's life but if you are adopted, that information is closed to you in most states."

That says it all real clear and concise. It does not get any straighter than that. So make sure you stop and give them a shout out. If you have a blog, make sure that they are linked.

Once Upon A Time

Many many moons ago, my mother, sisters and I trekked across Texas and the southern states to visit a great aunt and uncle in Florida. While we visited, she took us to Disney World in Florida. I had just graduated from high school. We have moved to San Marcos for my father’s job as a center manager with a major package delivery company. This was well over twenty years ago. My memories might be a little faded. I remember her purchasing the at the gate. The very first ride that we all went on was “It’s A Small World.” It was water ride back then. I do not know if it is still today. I remember Disney World as being massive. My great and uncle went on couple of the rides with us but by the afternoon, they left us to our own devices. Even at eighteen years of age, that park is wild and beyond all imagination. You really do not realize it until you visit it for the first time. I remember one ride which was a roller coaster ride in a mountain type environment. I could not tell you what the ride was. It was fast and wild. I remember my mother purchased a Hurricane drink. She let all of us taste it. It was the tastiest drink that I had ever had. I doubt that it was full fledged Hurricane drink as they serve in many bars. It sure tasted good. I remember walking through that park being in utter awe of all of its festivities. As an adult now, it is something that I would dearly love to take my daughters to. I wish that I could purchase to take them to Disney World in Florida. That day ended up being a girls day out. Even then those days were few and far between. It was the closeness of family that made that day so special. It is also the magic of Disney that brings it all together. I did not know what the Disney tickets cost then but there are ways today to make it less expensive. makes it easy to afford a great getaway for your family. So if you are looking for a great weekend or even a day of fun, check out today and make a dream come true for you family.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

What a Shame!

A dear friend sent me this article today. I am always saddened when a young person loses their life. This story takes it a little further. This young girl, Dureti Bishop, is a beautiful young woman in her own right. She looks so vibrant, strong, and alive. What makes this story adoption related is that she was adopted from Ethiopia at the age of 5. Her parents discovered that she had child onset schizophrenia. I remember in the year that I was with the state hospital that it could be managed with medication. The adoptive parents eventually sent her to Boys Town. She later excelled at track and field events. She was also an avid reader.

My first problem with the article was that her adoption was a part of it. My second problem with the article is that her schizophrenia was also mentioned. Then the last thing is that she was at Boys Town. The fact that she excelled at her school work and her athletic abilities should have been all the article stated. There should not have been any mention of the other events in her life. We should be respecting her life, not the problems of it.

Rest in peace, my dear beautiful girl. God has taken you home.