Wednesday, February 25, 2009

South Dakota and Rhode Island have clean bills

Woooo Hoooooo. So many states instroducing legislation. Check this article out.

Yea Rhode Island and South Dakota. Lets hope that they get it done. We need some hope here people.

Doing the happy dance now. Indiana Legislators it is time to consider adoptees as equal American citizens.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Good Grief

I remember reading this story. I even wrote about it. The adoptive parents are taking this all the way to the Supreme Court. According to the article:

"They continue to feel that the lower court and the Court of Appeals made an erroneous decision," John Mills, an attorney for the Unthanks, said Wednesday. "They want to continue until there are no more appeals (to be made)."

Good Grief let it go people. The courts have ruled that Cody belongs with Kenneth and Christine. The entitlement of some adoptive parents give the rest of adoptive parents a really bad name. When does it end? Shame on Unthanks for allowing this to continue

The adopters have filed this case with the Michigan Supreme Court on 2/3/09. Interestingly this case was won because of the precedents set by the Baby Jessica/Anna case.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Doofus Award goes to the NCFA

The National Council for Adoption finally after a year and half gives its rebuttal to the Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute. They say the statistics in the EBD study are flawed because it doesn't prove either way that adoptee access doesn't cause any problems. Well I would like to know where they get their statistics from. I have not come across stories of stalking adoptees from Oregon, New Hampshire, Alabama, Kansas, and Alaska. Now the states with sealed records yes. I do. I think it is a reflection on those states. The states with sealed records encourage enabling of both the adoption industry and the shame of the adoptee and their families. Why do these states feel the need to regulate the relationships of its adoptive communitities but not the non adopted? What makes us extra special unless of course adoption is the presumptive that causes harm? If that is the case, why is this country in the practice of adoption?

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Update on Indiana Legislature

Sadly SB 303 has not even had a second reading yet. The legislator is concerned about an amendment that was added at the last minute. The amendment added is one that allows any child age 2 and older to be considered special needs. I like to think that this has more to do with financial matters more than anything else. If a child is considered special needs, then they will be eligible for both state and federal adoption subsidies. I can't say for sure but it could be that the Senator is worried about situations like Adam Herrman occurring in the state of Indiana. We only have a few more days to worry about this bill.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Samoan Adoption Scam Spurs Adoption Reformists

A recent article came out about the Samoan adoption scandal and the Banks. It is sad that we still can not get federal oversight of adoption agencies. It is time to put people like Scott and Karen Banks in jail. They do not deserve to be free on probation. They are nasty individuals. Its a shame that the federal folks won't step up and make them serve jail time.

They hurt families, natural and adoptive. They stole children. It is shame that our society still devalues children and women in order to let thieves like this to get away with murder. Please write Judge Sam on this and tell him that this folks owe justices to families in two countries.

To all the remaining ethical and decent human beings out there who respect children, A.P. and bio mothers unlike the SLEEZEBAGS SCOTT AND KAREN BANKS

express you outrage today write

The Honorable Judge Sam
350 S Main Street
Salt Lake City, UT 84111

TO those grief stricken victims of the PIGGY BANKS

express your heart ache to

Ms. Wendy White
350 Main Street
Salt Lake City, UT 84101

Oklahoma is Changing their laws on Child Trafficking

Oklahoma is looking to change the laws on adoption. I have heard some serious horror stories of baby selling in Oklahoma. Adoptive parents are being charged close to $100,000 for a baby. Oklahoma legislators are hoping to put a stop to it. No more cars in exchange for children. No more expensive bling in exchange for a child. I commend Oklahoma for attempting this. This law is targeted at adoption atttorneys and facilitators. I honestly expect this bill to get killed because attorneys know people in the legislature. They usually control the adoption laws in their state. Time will tell on this one.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Oklahoma is taking a Step Backwards.

This article came out today in the Tulsa World. They want to remove the biological heritage from birth certificates. They want to deny the donor/gamete children their future right to their heritage. It never ceases to amaze me the ignorance of some legislators. This kind of situation has got to stop.

Children become adults. These adults want answers. Adoptees have been screaming for decades about these very issues. Now we are going into an even worse direction.

Tonight, The Eleventh Hour is showing a show on cloned children. Its scary that this might actually come true. Its horrifying to think about this. We are doing this wrong. We have to stop.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Adoptee Rights Philly

Time is drawing closer. Its time to make plans for the Adoptee Rights Protest. Have you made your flight reservations yet? Have you gotten your luggage for this wonderous occasion? July 21st is just around the corner. Time is flying fast. What about your hotel reservations? Its time to get them done.

No update on Indiana

There is still no update currently on SB 280 and SB 303. We are currently waiting to see what the bill reads in its entirety. This bill has many more questions than it has answers.

We are patiently waiting for the Senate to meet and go forward on this. Please be patient. Write to legislators that you want a clean records bill. Tell them that the state of Indiana could earn money dealing with adoptees and their families directly. With Indiana being tax burdened right now, that could be a good thing for Indiana.

Tell them that adoptees deserve to be treated as equal American citizens. We are not mere products of conception. Its time to do it right this time.

California Open is Open for Business

Cal Open is a California adoptee rights organization dedicated to adoptee rights. They have just set up shop. They are ready to rock. Please visit them and show them your support for this very important issue for adoptees.

Adoptees have been fighting for thirty years to get access to their original birth certificates. The issue of adoptee access to the document that records their birth is a hard one to fight. The National Council for Adoption has traditionally come out against this issue. It is often confused with confidentiality and privacy. It is also confused with abortion issues.

Adoptees just want what is rightfully theirs. The non adopted do not have to fight to get access to a document that records their birth. The non adopted do no have to get their parents' permission to view the document that records their birth. Why should adoptees? It is time to make the laws equal. No special privileges. No special immunities. Just the equal treatment under the law.


According to a recent article on CNN, Campbell Brown called the ICWA "ridiculous." What she fails to realize is that this Act is in there for a purpose. Native Americans are consistently losing the rights in regards to their children and the help that they are honestly owed by our United States Government. This is all in over the Larson case. The truth is the adoption agency had no jurisdiction over this case. We need to recognize the rights of Native Americans. The Indian Nations have sole jurisdiction over their own people. We as Americans do not have that.

Native American adoptees are still to do this fighting to restore their right to their heritage. This needs to stop.