Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Sometimes you just have to stop and regroup. That is what has been going on. I have had to relocate with family. I needed a break from the insanity that was in Wichita Falls and surrounding areas. There wasn't much of a choice in the matter.

I had to take a break for my own health. I recently had pronater syndrome, cubital tunnel, and carpal tunnel in my non dominant arm. It meant my left arm had to be butchered with three different surgeries on one arm. What is sad is that arm was my favorite arm. Now it has three major scars on it.

So while I am healing, I am chilling out and reading. I have been catching up on stuff concerning adoption, adoptee rights, and other adoption reform issues. I have also been doing research on other topics concerning parental rights and parental alienation. Since my ex husband and his darling wife have been hitting both of my blogs, I figured that I would include lots of good information concerning that too.

Of course the most interesting part of the last year is that Katrina Carlisle is no longer with St. Elizabeth Coleman. Maybe now, adoptees and their families can finally get a break.

China In Adoption News Again

I have known for years that the adoption industry is a huge market. Each and every country has had its issues with corruption. China has popped up again. As I read all three of the articles in the news, none of the articles mention an adoption agency who was involved in these cases. The investigation isn't complete until they have checked out who they are. These agencies need to be held accountable because they created a marketable situation where natural families could be destroyed and corrupted. I realize those are harsh words for adoptive parents. Every child deserves to raised and loved in their natural families first. If they don't have any family to raise or support them, then and only then should they be placed for adoption. There are just too many cases of corruption, baby selling, and baby trafficking. If it is just one case, that is one case too many.