Monday, June 30, 2008


Yesterday I was playing with google search. Its one of my favorite past times. I usually find tons of new information. I googled our delightful (snark) agency. I see that they have been pushing for good advertisement. Evidently when you google St. Elizabeth/Coleman, this blog comes in a third or fourth position behind the adoption agency's own website.

I have found out that they are now doing international adoption homestudies. This agency also gets funds from the United Way. Their attorneys are Mercer and Belanger. Interesting again because these attorneys are associated with repossessions of homes. Yep if you have issues with your mortgage and are unable to pay, you will have these folks coming to repossess your home. Real bunch of good guys to have associated with adoption if you ask me. They appear to be ruthless. These guys are the attorneys associated with St. Elizabeth/Coleman. They seem to have some seriously big banks as clients.

Sickening absolutely sicking

Thursday, June 26, 2008


Indiana's adoptee access laws are tough enough as it is. It has three tiers of access. This state is now celebrating its eight year anniversary for their safe haven laws. Safe Haven laws deny due process to both of their parents. Safe Haven laws even further deny adoptees access to their own history and information. It actually legalizes abandoning a child. Whatever happened to being responsible for one's own actions? When you become a parent, you are now responsible not just for yourself but for a child as well. If we would stop teaching abstinence and start teaching sex education, we might have a reduction of this. If we would stop shaming women and young girls about their own sexuality, we would have a reduction of this issue. The story reports only a dozen children saved. What is amazing is that many more children have died in Indiana's foster care system.

Here is the story and the link.

State celebrating Safe Haven Law anniversary

Posted: June 25, 2008 12:21 PM

Natalie Hammond has benefited from the Safe Haven law.
Natalie Hammond has benefited from the Safe Haven law.

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) - The death of a five-day-old boy years ago has meant a new life for other children. Wednesday, a celebration was held at the Statehouse for the good that's come from Indiana's so-called Safe Haven Law.

The law came after a dark day in January 2000 when the body of a baby boy was discovered in the parking lot of a local hospital. A worker at Community Hospital North found the frozen body of a newborn boy who came to be known as Baby Ephraim.

Had the boy's mother left him outside the hospital hoping someone would take him inside? The mystery has never been solved.

But Baby Ephraim's death has led to better lives for a dozen Indiana children.

Natalie Hammond and Austin Gildea have benefited from the Safe Haven law.

"Now seeing Natalie and Austin here, it's extremely gratifying to see the fruits of our labor," said Bob Floyd of the Safe Haven Alliance.

The law allows mothers, who feel they can't care for their newborns, to leave them in a safe place, such as a hospital, with no questions asked.

Natalie's birth mother left her at Fort Wayne's Parkview North Hospital. She was soon in the arms of her new, adoptive family.

"I mean, it was dream come true. It really was. We had waited a long time and it was just fantastic. She's my baby girl," said Natalie's adoptive mother Theresa Hammond.

Now some of the people who helped get Indiana's Safe Haven Law passed after Baby Ephraim's death, want to make sure as many people as possible know about it.

"It's just essential that the Safe Haven Law continues to exist and that Hoosiers understand it exists," said Lieutenant Governor Becky Skillman.

Lawmakers passed Indiana's Safe Haven Law in 2000. For more information on the law click here or call 1-888-510-BABY.

Monday, June 23, 2008


Attention Editors:
Adopted persons, their families and friends will be gathering in New Orleans for the National Conference of State Legislators for a demonstration on equal rights for adopted persons in the United States.
DATE: July 22, 2008
TIME: 9:00 am
DEMONSTRATION LOCATION: La Fayette Square Park New Orleans. The demonstration will begin at La Fayette Square Park marching 8 blocks to the National Conference of State Legislators being held at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Centre ( 900 Convention Center Blvd., New Orleans)
WEB SITE FOR DEMONSTRATION: www.adopteerights. net
In the United States only six states (Alabama, Alaska, Kansas, Maine, New Hampshire and Oregon) allow adopted persons access to their original birth certificates. We believe that it is discriminatory to legally withhold personal information and documents from citizens that all other tax-paying voting citizens are entitled to.
Nowhere on any adoption contract or in any legislation is it written that an adopted person can not possess their original birth certificate or why the birth certificate is withheld from the adoptee. Opposition to adopted persons possessing their original birth certificates will present legally unsupprted claims that a relinquishing mother has the right to privacy and to be protected from her daughter or son relinquished to adoption, therefore allowing a mother a lifetime of privacy and anonymity. This is discrimination. Relinquishing mothers do not seal their children's original birth certificates - the original birth certificates are sealed by state governments.
The participants of the demonstration believe that every citizen of the United States should be treated equally. To do otherwise is discrimination. We would like all remaining states to introduce legislation that will allow adopted persons in the United States access to their original birth certificates.
We encourage your reporters to cover this story and event to help us bring public awareness to this demonstration in New Orleans.
Media contacts for New Orleans Demonstration
Kali Coultas
805 500-5317 (pst)
Cell: 805 607-2704
Michelle Edmunds
516 593-2753 (est)
Cell: 516 263-1556

Sunday, June 22, 2008


I have been researching the so called privacy. In Texas it is clearly defined as the right to be free from governmental intrusion. What is really interesting is that Indiana also clearly defines it this way. There is however one major BUT. Its adoption. Adoption records were sealed in 1941. That year was the height of the Georgia Tann era. In many states, that is when records were sealed.

Indiana code specifically seperates adoptees and their families from the non adopted. I was thinking about their Bill of Rights with their constitution.

"Section 23. The General Assembly shall not grant to any citizen or class of citizens, privileges or immunities, which, upon the same terms shall not equally belong to all citizens. "

Here me out on this one. Lets take a car that is being sold or even a house. The owner has sold this property to another person. The previous owner has relinquished all of their rights to that property right? They don't get new rights. They don't get the right to privacy with that property. Their names are on the title of that property. They have to sign their names on the old title stating that they are turning it over to the new owner. The previous owner knows who he has sold his property to.

I know adoption isn't about property. Isn't that how we treat adoptees? Adoptees aren't property.

Lets look at the birth certificate. Who has access to the birth certificates? The parents of the person and the person themselves have access to the birth certificate.

In Texas, a birth certificate itself is not a public record but the recording of the birth is a public record. It is written in the law that birth, marriage, divorce and death indices are all public record. According to Texas privacy law, everyone has special access to all documents that have their name on them. This is how Texas will be won. The records are already public with the indices.

Indiana is a little different. The Indiana Privacy legislation specifically denies anyone access to the adoption records including the OBC forever. The adoptive parents don't even have access to those records. Everyone else has access to their own records except those affected by adoption.

This is discrimination. If the non adopted don't have to ask permission to access their own birth certificates, then why do those affected by adoption?

What I think the law should reflect:

  • Adoptees and their natural parents should have access to the OBC. Their names are on the OBC. According to privacy laws through out the country, we should have the special access. No one person has more rights than the other.
  • The natural parents should have access to their relinquishment records. It has their name and their signature on it. It belongs to them.
  • The adoption finalization belongs to the adoptive parents. It is their signature and their names on the adoption finalization. If the name of the adoptee is on it, then they too should have access to it.
  • HIPPA information belongs to mother in regards to her medical information. The adoptee should have access to their HIPPA information.
As I think more of this, I also think of that particular section in the Indiana Bill of Rights. Who is really protected by the sealing of all adoption records? It is the adoption agencies and the attorneys. According to that section, the state shall not provide any privileges and immunities to any person or class of citizens that other citizens do not receive. Hmmm this sounds like discrimination against adoptees and their families.

Friday, June 20, 2008


There were a couple of bills in Indiana that I had been paying attention to. I was asked by a mother from an email list to be very quiet about it. So I put it on a blog that doesn't get a lot of attention. I kept telling myself over the last few weeks to go back and check on them.

So I checked on HB 1358. It states this:

Synopsis: Civil rights. Extends antidiscrimination and civil rights statutes to include prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, disability, and ancestry.

It has gone to the judicial committee this year. We shall see what happens with it this next year. Yes I was paying very close attention to this one. Its been on their bill list for the last couple of years. The ancestry and national origin has my curiosity peaked big time.

Another bill that I was watching is HB 1113. It was actually made into a law. It is effective on July 1, 2008 but however it only goes back to June 30, 2008. It doesn't go all the way back to include all birth certificates.

It states the following:

Birth certificate fraud. Increases from a Class A misdemeanor to a Class D felony the penalty for: (1) making a false or fraudulent statement when applying for a birth certificate or when applying for permission to inspect birth records; (2) altering, counterfeiting, or mutilating a certified copy of a birth certificate; or (3) using an altered, counterfeit, or mutilated copy of a birth certificate.

The actual law states:


AN ACT to amend the Indiana Code concerning health.

Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Indiana:

SOURCE: IC 16-37-1-12; (08)HE1113.1.1. -->
SECTION 1. IC 16-37-1-12 IS AMENDED TO READ AS FOLLOWS [EFFECTIVE JULY 1, 2008]: Sec. 12. A person who, with intent to defraud:
(1) makes a false or fraudulent statement in applying to a local health officer or to the state registrar for a certified copy of a birth certificate;
(2) makes a false or fraudulent statement in applying to the state registrar for permission to inspect public birth records held by the state registrar;
(3) alters, counterfeits, or mutilates a certified copy of a birth certificate issued by a local health officer or by the state registrar; or
(4) uses an altered, a counterfeit, or a mutilated certified copy of a birth certificate;
commits a Class A misdemeanor. Class D felony.
SOURCE: ; (08)HE1113.1.2. --> SECTION 2. [EFFECTIVE JULY 1, 2008] IC 16-37-1-12, as amended by this act, applies only to crimes committed after June 30, 2008.

Isn't the state changing birth certificates when they amend the birth certificate? So aren't they presenting a false or fraudulent statement with these amended birth certificates? It sure seems like it to me. I wonder if anyone will call them on this. So they can't be prosecuted for the amended birth certificates prior to June 30, 2008. I don't care if they are prosecuted but it could open the door for adoptee access.

Last but not least is the Snowflake baby issue. Yes Indiana did address this in a backward way.
The bill number is HB 1075. It went to the public policy committee.

The bill states:

Abandoned embryo adoption. Allows an abandoned embryo to be adopted for implantation by another individual under specified circumstances. States that a person who knowingly or intentionally destroys or discards an abandoned human embryo commits unlawful destruction of an embryo, a Class A misdemeanor.

Just some of the wackiness of Indiana.


une 20th Update for the Adoptee Rights Demonstration!

The protest is fast approaching and we have some new updates for the protesters that will be joining us in New Orleans this July 22, 2008.
We need 2-3 monitors at the protest to help keep marchers on the sidewalk and off the street and to keep protesters moving around while outside the convention centre.

We need about 10 volunteers to help make posters/signs on Monday July 21, 2008 at the St. Christopher Best Western (protest’s main hotel) from 6-8 pm. If you can join us with these positions, please contact Kali

Monday July 21, 2008 all protesters are invited to meet in the bar/lounge of the St. Christopher Best Western at 8:30 pm for a protest orientation and to gain a sense of unity going into the following day.

If you are joining us in New Orleans, we still have rooms to fill for our block of 40 at the St. Christopher Best Western and our block due date is June 22, 2008. So please book your hotel reservations ASAP by calling calling 1-800 645-9312 and requesting the group Adoptee-Rights Demonstration.

If anyone has any media contacts please let us know as we will be sending out a press release and public announcement at the beginning of July as well as launching a blogger blitz.

Also, we’re still calling out for confirmation of people attending the protest, so if you haven’t confirmed your attendance with anyone yet, please do so at
Since it is getting close to the protest (one month and 4 days to go!)

I thought it would be cool to provide everyone with a visual on our lodging, protest start location (La Fayette Square) and route to our destination (State Legislators Conference at the Ernest Morial Convention Centre!) Unfortunately the mailling list doesn't support images or graphics so I put an image of our route from google maps onto our home base ( ) and you can see it in the same announcement there if you're interested.

We hope to see everyone in the Big Easy and if you have any questions please shout them out to the NOLA list or to Kali at

In Solidarity

The Adoptee Rights Committee

Thursday, June 5, 2008


Hello everyone!
July 22nd is fast approaching! Here is the update for the Adoptee Rights Day demonstration in New Orleans. We will be posting frequent updates so folks will be in the loop with schedules and what the plan of action is for the next two months, and while in New Orleans attending the demonstration and Exhibitors Booth.
New Orleans demonstration updates:
The permit for Lafayette Square has been paid for and is in our possession.
The demonstration and march will be held Tuesday July 22nd beginning at 9:00 am (more details soon).
The Exhibitors Booth has been paid for and the Adoptee Rights Committee will be in booth #246 on the Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday following the demonstration.
We have received over $3000 in donations! Thanks to everyone for supporting ARD. Our goal for a full page ad in the print version of the New Orleans Times-Picayune listing adult adoptees and their friends and family who support adoptee rights is still in progress, if you haven't done so already add your name to the list!
To add your name and/or supporting ARD go here: DONATE TODAY!
A writing campaign to Legislators starts on Friday June 6th (information and instructions will be available on the evening of the 5th).
We are asking for volunteers to assist the organizers while at the event, if you can help us out in New Orleans please let us know.
If you haven't done so already hop on over to our mailing list where you can get immediate updates about our Writing Campaign starting tomrrow Friday June 6th, as well as interaction with all of the other protesters and supporters of Open Records and the Demonstration.
***We regret to inform people that Bastard Nation is no longer one of the Adoptee Rights Day sponsors. We wish them well and thank them for their efforts thus far. **

For any questions about the demonstration, please contact