Wednesday, March 25, 2009

President Obama visiting Indiana

He is speaking at the famous Notre Dame University in South Bend at the commencement. I am really pleased that he is doing this. Sadly many of the religious wing nuts are freaking out according to this article.

They are making this commencement about abortion. It should be about young men and women starting out on their life's journeys. It should be about encouraging and invigorating these young men and women to change their communities. No, it is about abortion. That is really a shame. How can a group of people use this as an excuse to continue bashing a president over his policies on abortion compared to rewarding hard working students for accomplishing their goals is totally beyond me.

Personally I am neither pro life or pro choice. As an adoptee I have a very special insight into these issues. Both of these groups use my birth status against me in attaining my rights in my birth state. One group is fearful that it will increase more abortions when the Alan Guttmacher Institute has proven otherwise. The other group is worried that abortion will become open. They fail to realize that abortion is a medical procedure.

How do I feel about abortion, adoption and safe haven? They both encourage the attitude that it is okay to get rid of the problem (me or any adoptee). Neither group really bothers to ask the adoptees of this country how we feel about it. Then again, they do not want to look at the dark side of adoption.

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