Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Madonna and Adoption Again

This woman just sickens me. I was never a big fan anyway. I now turn off her music. I won't listen to it. This includes the stuff from the past when she was the "material" girl. She has become immaterial if you ask me. I do feel that she is buying Mercy. It gives the rest of the adoptive parents a really bad name. She has been quoted as saying that adopting a child is like giving birth. Excuse me again?

I hope Mercy's grandmother wins out on this one. We have an opportunity to do just that. Ethica has issued a call to action. It really won't take much. Just a few bucks from many members in the adoption community.

Here is the call to action issued by Ethica:

Ethica's Call to Action on the Mercy James Case*

Ethica is calling to action to raise funds to assist Mercy James to be cared
for within her country with her extended family of origin. The annual
average salary in Malawi is $160.00. If we provide those funds to the care
of Mercy James for the next 14 years, we believe not only could she stay
with her family, but she should also be able to be educated within her own
country. Therefore we are challenging the adoption community to help us
raise $2,240 for Mercy James.

Please read our entire statement on this subject and donate here:

http://ethicanet. org/item. php?recordid= malawi&pagestyle =default

So help Mercy stay in her country of origin. Lets tell Madonna that she doesn't have the money to buy this child. Tell Madonna to honor this child's grandmother's wishes.

Monday, March 30, 2009

How do you explain something that is brain tease?

I am serious. How do you explain something that is confusing on its own merits and demerits? I have an adoption agency that has so many twists and turns that it is confusing just to me. I know all of the connections. How do you explain that each connection is a bad connection which is connected to even more bad connections? It blows my mind. Tedi Hedstrom was connected to so many bad people that I can not even begin to explain all of them. I am trying to do it in one chapter alone. I just don't think that I can do it. Someone please explain to me how.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Where is the puke bucket?

I have just about flipped out today. I read this article about Orson Mozes pleading NOT GUILTY. Okay you ripped people off for over a million dollars. You pitted adoptive parents against each other. You promised the same child to several sets of prospective adoptive parents. You manipulated the hearts of families all over the country. You know you did wrong and you took off as a result. You were even on the America's Most Wanted Show. You plead NOT GUILTY.

God this man has a set of balls on him. At least bail is set at one million dollars. I hope they keep him locked up until his trial.

Guatemalan AP Report

I am sure everyone has seen this one. The article itself is pretty horrible. War orphans from Guatemala's Dirty War were placed for adoption. There is one case where soldiers killed a husband and wife and then turned their child over to an orphanage in Guatemala. In the last year or so, there was a case of an adoptee suing her adoptive parents who ended up being a part of the group that killed her relinquishing parents.

Adoption corruption is beginning to make itself more and more obvious in all aspects of adoption.

Adoption Advantage Goes Down

Another adoption agency goes down due to unethical adoption practices. It is making big news in Arkansas. The attorney involved is Ed Webb. After checking for information on their website, it too has been removed. It is amazing how fast everything works at times. This agency is a for profit business.

According to news articles, fifty families were involved. Ed Webb has relinquished the agency's license but he still has not relinquished his attorney's license. It will be interesting to see if he jumps states only to set up shop somewhere else.

The adoption industry is such an incestuous industry. When one agency shuts down, many of the folks jump ship and go to work for another agency or set up shop under another name.

President Obama visiting Indiana

He is speaking at the famous Notre Dame University in South Bend at the commencement. I am really pleased that he is doing this. Sadly many of the religious wing nuts are freaking out according to this article.

They are making this commencement about abortion. It should be about young men and women starting out on their life's journeys. It should be about encouraging and invigorating these young men and women to change their communities. No, it is about abortion. That is really a shame. How can a group of people use this as an excuse to continue bashing a president over his policies on abortion compared to rewarding hard working students for accomplishing their goals is totally beyond me.

Personally I am neither pro life or pro choice. As an adoptee I have a very special insight into these issues. Both of these groups use my birth status against me in attaining my rights in my birth state. One group is fearful that it will increase more abortions when the Alan Guttmacher Institute has proven otherwise. The other group is worried that abortion will become open. They fail to realize that abortion is a medical procedure.

How do I feel about abortion, adoption and safe haven? They both encourage the attitude that it is okay to get rid of the problem (me or any adoptee). Neither group really bothers to ask the adoptees of this country how we feel about it. Then again, they do not want to look at the dark side of adoption.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Just for Once

I have been hearing about this case for a while. It is a shame that the United States does not slam pedophiles as harshly as they have this man. I wish for once that those that hurt women and children would get the harshest of penalties. It irritates me that I do not see our government valuing women and children as much as they profess that they do. This family values crap is just that - crap.

We as a society do not value our own humanity. We often forget that portion. The laws reflect it too. This case however reflects the really dark side of a male who wishes to possess and own women and children. It keeps getting worse with this guy. He is now being investigated for four additional murders.

Lets just send this man on his way to hell.

Another Article in Oklahoma

People are always stunned when I talk about corruption in adoption. It exists for all of us. They look to scam us of our money. It doesn't matter if one is an adoptee, adoptive parent or even natural mother. It just doesn't matter. I have tried to come up with a sane explanation for all of it. It is sometimes just too consuming.

You ought to read this article. It shows that babies in Oklahoma are basically bought and sold. It is interesting that it is just causing worries. It should have been causing worries long ago.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Shakesville Visitors

Welcome to Coleman Mom's and Babes! I am glad to see that many of you are visiting the blogs of adoptees and first mothers. We want you to hear our voices. Many of us are women just as yourselves. Our only difference between you and us is that we have the status of adoption to deal with.

We believe that sealed adoption records encourage more women to abort. The Alan Guttmacher Institute also gave us some lift with that as well. Adoption agencies these days receive federal and state monies that they use against adoptees and their families to prove their points.

Adoptees are women too. We deserve the same rights as other women in each state. We hope that you join us in this battle.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Check this Article Out

I have been a fan of Shakespearessister for years. I was turned onto by a dear friend of mine years ago when I first got my computer.

There is an excellent article told from a firstmother point of view on the adoption vs. abortion argument. It is a must read for all living adoption. It brings that first mother point of view to the feminist side of the table. For years, the feminists have ignored those mothers of the past. I think it is wonderful that the feminists of today are realizing that adoption isn't any easier than abortion. The women of today need to realize that first mothers are just like them. I think we are starting to break through on this issue.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Can you believe this?

I read this article this morning. I was furious that Rush Limbaugh would make light of such a serious subject. I do not even listen to the man anymore. Too many people give him credit where he deserves none. The Catholic Church is not my favorite religion at all. They are just too goofy now to be a viable religion. I remember being told that if I did not marry within the church that I would go to hell. Okay too much for me to handle so I just stopped going. I have gone back a few times but it wasn't enough for me.

A nine year old girl is raped by her step father. Her mother reports the crime. The girl is pregnant with twins. The doctors and her mother decide that it would be best if she had an abortion. The doctors are concerned that her body will not be able to handle the pregnancy. What does the Catholic church do? They ex-communicate the mother and the doctors in this case. What about the step father? Nothing. He is sitting in jail. No he is not excommunicated. This girl's life is ruined by the actions of one man, her step father. Shame on the Catholic Church for valuing his life over hers.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Indiana Open's First Video

Indiana Open has launched their first video. Go check it out.

We want to thank the Adoptee Rights Philly folks for all of their expertise and help in making this possible. We used their idea to launch this video. We will be emailing to legislators this week.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Benedict Arnold of Adoptees

SB 153 had passed both the Senate and the House. The only problem that they had to work out was contact preference form. One house had it in their bill and the other house did not. Somehow and some way, a Benedict Arnold of an adoptee managed to get the bill killed. Do not ask me why or how. That information has not been forth coming. Shame on this legislator who did this.

Don't count on getting voted back into office at the next election.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Adoptee Rights Philly

There are some new videos out there for the Adoptee Rights Protest. Check them out below. This is about your rights. This is about restoring your right to access your original birth certificate.

The non adopted have access to their birth records. The non adopted do not have to ask their parent's permission to access their birth records upon adulthood. In fact, Indiana code states that the non adopted adult, upon verification of identification, is allowed immediate access to their birth records. Adoptees should have that same right.

In fact, Indiana code specifically states that natural parents are divested of all of their rights in regard to their child. This means that they do not have the right to dictate whether or not that the adoptee can access their own birth certificate. The natural parents do not get new rights in the process.

Learn these codes and love them. Breath them and make them a part of your being.

Adoptee Rights Demonstration Information

Midwife Denies Arranging an Illegal Adoption

Is it any wonder that stories such as this one are coming out? There is no regulation of adoption at all in many countries. I asked a friend of mine recently about this in the training for attorneys. I have read it other places as well. There is very little training for attorneys. There maybe a chapter or two in law books. It is the same situation with the Indiana woman who was pleaded guilty to scamming prospective adoptive parents out of New York. Just one quick look at many of the tax records of adoption agencies is enough to make one realize that they are in the wrong business.

The adoption industry does not want to regulate itself thus putting an end to this kind of thing. It would mean that they too have to put an end to their actions. They most definitely do not want the federal and state governments looking into their actions.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Question Posed

A question was posed recently. What have I done since high school? I have joined the military as a reservist and then went active duty for three years. I went to Saudi Arabia to fight in the Desert Storm. I was also stationed in Germany for a couple of years. I got married to a handsome cowboy. I have delivered mailed for a few years. I have also given birth to my fantastic daughters. I became an adoptee rights activist. I am also a homeschool mom. I live on one of the largest, most historic ranches in Texas. I sadly have missed two high school reunions. What have you done since you graduated?

high school reunions

Why can't people understand this?

First thing this morning, I read this article. The commentary is typical. Its quick and easy to tell someone to not have sex. Everyone is also quick to assume that people are not married. In the article itself, it mentions a married couple. In order to have a good healthy marriage, guess what folks, sex is a part of that. Condemning people for natural behavior and biology is plain stupid. We sure are willing to bail out the CEOs of all these major banking and financial firms. Why can't we bail out humanity in our country? We do have economic downturn. Even adoptive parents are at a point where they can't afford children. They are forgoing the pricey adoption agencies in order to save money. They are going to the government to adopt children out of foster care. What is the big deal with providing contraception to people?

Monday, March 9, 2009

Good Grief

Texas has introduced two bills that absolutely stink. The titles alone of them are extremely bad. They are called "In relation to the birth records of adopted children." Last time I checked I was adult. I am paying taxes, a former Desert Storm veteran, former letter carrier, and a voter. I disagree with these bills.

We are legislating search and reunion. These folks have got to be crazy. It is my birth certificate that they are regulating. I am not playing anymore when it comes to my rights. These folks do not speak for me.

It is ridiculous that this is even allowed to continue. What is so hard to understand that adoptees deserve the same access as everyone else?

Check out this article

Scott Carney wrote an article for Mother Jones recently. It is a very interesting article. It again touches on the corruption in international adoption. It is important that people read this stuff before they begin their adoption process. Corruption exists in adoption. Part of the problem is the money. The other part is the lack of transparency in the adoption process.

No one really wants to listen to this part of the problem. How do you tell if there is a problem? Why is it so hard for people to stop and realize that adoption has become corrupted? When does it become corruption and coercive? Is it just one case? How many? For me personally, it just takes one time.

A Call to Change Michigan Laws

There is all kinds of news that affect adoptees and their families. Michigan citizens are calling for a change in the laws in regarding the reporting of deaths relating to adoptees from foster care, adoption, and other similar events. They are wanting a neutral party to be contacted when there is such a death. Here is a quote from the article:

"The Office of the Children's Ombudsman (OCO) is an independent state agency. It investigates complaints about children involved with protective services, foster care, adoption services, and juvenile justice. The agency determines whether the DHS and/or private agency actions and decisions, as they relate to a particular child, complied with laws, rules, and DHS policies. OCO makes recommendations to the governor, legislators, and the DHS for changes in child welfare laws, rules, and policies to improve prospects for kids."

There needs to be a neutral party that must help in the regulation of DHS and adoption agencies. These agencies must be held to a higher authority in order to make effective change in our society. We need to make changes for the sake of children in our society. Right now things are not working in Michigan or for any other state.

Illinois Confidential Intermediaries: Are They Big Business?

Everyone knows that I hate confidential intermediaries. I can't stand them. If I hear of a good one, I will put them on Indiana Open as a point of reference. Right now I only have three of them. I know of three of them but I am checking on one to see if she is worth with it. I try to inform both adoptees and natural mothers that they have a choice in confidential intermediaries in Indiana. I have met one too many people who have had heartache in dealing with Indiana confidential intermediaries.

After talking with a friend of mine on Saturday, she sent me sniffing in a direction that I had not really thought of. I have seen what people have gone through with the Illinois confidential intermediary system. This friend of mine sent me on a research spree. It is pretty nasty if you ask me. Right now there is a bill (HB 4623) that will give some adoptees access while still keeping the CI system intact.

There are two primary agencies that provide CI services in Illinois. One of which is Midwest Adoption Center who I will discuss in detail. The other one is Whiteoak Foundation.

Midwest Adoption Center:

Midwest Adoption Center is run by Nancy Golden and Gretchen Schulert.

According to their tax returns:

2007 2006 2005 2004
Gross Receipts $973,863 $895,294 $845,547 $860,290
Program Service Fees $973,737 $895,294 $845,459 $860,255
Public Donations $105

Board of Directors
Gretchen Schulert $101,571 $78,800 $104,171
Nancy Golden $101,571 $91,366 $125,443
Rebecca Nolan $55,884 $51,300

In 2007 Gretchen was the president of this organization but in years past it has been Nancy Golden. Gretchen owns both of the websites, Midwest Adoption Center and CI Illinois. Some other key information that also plays into the finances behind this organization. Mike Golden, Nancy's husband and attorney, was paid $2,100 on their last tax form for clerical expenses. West Monroe Partners, a company owned by Gretchen's husband, was paid $20,601 for computer database services, website stat sampling, report preparation, and interpretation to DCFS.

That is a lot of money that is made off the backs of adoptees and first mothers. It makes many of the adoption agencies paychecks seem small in comparison. It currently costs $495 to do just one search for one individual. It goes up another $400 for additional searches for other individuals. They are offering a special because of a special grant that they have received. It only lasts as long as there are funds with this grant.

As I was researching just this organization alone, I discovered some interesting things. According to their website, they were the ones that set up the confidential intermediary system in Indiana. They did the design and delivery of the confidential intermediary progrm through out the state of Illinois under a contract with IDCFS. Wow I wonder how much they got from the state of Illinois. It looks like a lot.

I researched a little on Nancy Golden. It is very interesting indeed. According to the website biography:

"Nancy Golden, Clinical Director at the Midwest Adoption Center, is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has worked in adoption and foster care services in an agency setting and in private practice. Before the formation of MAC, she was the Unit Director of the foster care, adoption and maternity program of Lutheran Social Services of Illinois. The focus of Nancy's clinical work has been in promoting healthy growth and development for children and their birth, foster and adoptive families. In addition, she presents workshops and seminars at local as well as national conferences."

I googled her and found this. It is a lawsuit against Lutheran Social Services of Illinois and Nancy Golden. Nancy Golden went to the plaintiff's employer and advised them of the allegations of sexual abuse against the plaintiff. She did not tell the employer that those allegations had proved to be false. Because of her actions, he lost his job.

So can adoptee get a fair break in their usage of their services? Somehow I do not think so.

I checked out Whiteoak Foundation's Tax form as well. Melisha Mitchell is the executive director. David Ormsby is their deputy executive. Roland Calia is their adminstrator.

2007 2006 2005
Gross Receipts $131,259 $124,846 $166,387
Government Grants $131,174 $124,796 $163,162
Public Donations $85 $50 $3,225

Board of Directors
Melisha Mitchell $69,000 $65,000 $64,000
David Ormsby $35,000 $35,000
Roland Calia $18,000 $35,000

It is really interesting how our tax dollars are spent. Midwest has more of a financial investment in keeping things the way that they are. The bad thing is that Midwest also has the backing of LSSI behind them in keeping such. Their gross receipts average about $85,000,000 per year. Not bad for a church if you ask me.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Another Country shutting its doors to Vietnam

Another country, Ireland, is questioning the adoption policies of Vietnam. In 2008, Sweden and the United States both ceased doing adoptions through Vietnam due to many issues with child trafficking with the intent to sell a child into the adoption industry. Last I heard as well was that Vietnam was looking to set itself as a Hague Country as well. They were looking to set up certain restrictions with prospective adoptive parents. Time will tell how this all pans out. It is getting more costly for adoptive parents to adopt from overseas. Add this to the corruption potential, adoptive parents are looking into other avenues especially foster care. That goodness if you ask me.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Update on Adam Herrman

The judge in the case of Adam Herrman has decided against lifting the restraining order on his adoption files. As many remember a couple months back, Adam Herrman was discovered missing. The bad thing is that he was missing for ten years. His adoptive parents never reported it. It was his natural parents who attempted to make contact. They were told that he has been missing for years. In the meantime, his "adoptive parents" were still collecting adoption subsidies from the government.

According to this news report:

Friday an attorney representing the Butler County Attorney's office told Judge Mike Ward the county attorney's office no longer objects to releasing those documents. The judge ruled there is still no evidence the Herrman case is a homicide, so he upheld the restraining order.

Hopefully the case will be presented to the Butler county Attorney General's office soon. The adoptive parents are suspects in this case. As many also remember, there was numerous complaints from family members on both sides of abuse.

An Interesting article on Child Trafficking

Earlier this year, there was a story of an adoption agency being shut down in Liberia. It is wild that these stories do not make headlines more. It is sad because children are just not valued in any country unless of course they are sold for adoption into other countries. Child Trafficking is a very real problem for the United States as well as other countries. It is often sadly ignored.

I have mentioned concerns over these issues with my U.S. Representative Mac Thornberry but it often goes ignored. Everyone wants to believe that adoption is good. It can be in the right circumstances but it is become an antiquated and abusive institution. Too many state and federal legislators have been listening to the adoption industry.

Too bad they don't listen to adoptees and their families.