Saturday, October 25, 2008


I have discussed adoption law and adoptee rights. I have also discussed the enemies of adoptee rights. Many people are beginning to throw many of the negative comments of adoptee rights activists back in the face of the adoption industry. They are right. The adoption industry is both anti adoption and anti adoptee. If adoption is truly about the child as the industry so loves to profess, then adoptee rights would not even be an issue. We all know differently.

There are three other legislative areas that we need to look at. We need to look at the vital statistics legislation, stalking and harassment laws and the constitution.

The non adopted are allowed access to their original birth certificates without asking for special permission. That is considered separate treatment under the law. Separate is not equal according to Brown vs. Board of Education.

This kind of law also gives special immunities and privileges which is strictly forbidden by the Indiana constitution.

Stalking and harassment laws are also specific. It does not specify the number of times that contact becomes harassment or stalking. It just states repeated. What a contact veto does is give a priori against an adoptee or natural parent without ever having committed a crime. There is also free association that is not addressed.

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