Saturday, October 25, 2008


This is for those considering joining the battle for adoptee rights in Indiana.

This is the list of people who will be against adoptee access. Know your enemy well.

Indiana Right to Life - they will have other states involved in this issue. Ohio will probably help right to life. But we have powers that would help us too. So remember that.

Indiana Planned Parenthood but I think they just might stay out of this argument.

Indiana ACLU - Several state ACLU groups have opposed adoptee access laws.

Catholic Charities is well known in all states for fighting adoptee access laws. There are counter points for that though.

NCFA has a presence but they are not that strong in Indiana. Do not discount them though. Bethany and LDS Family Services are in that state.

Kirsch and Kirsch are also big time adoption attorneys. They have helped in creating laws that cover their rear ends.

Know the laws in Indiana.

Research the Right to Privacy Laws and the court cases deciding them. I.E. Roe vs. Wade, Griswold vs. Connecticut, and Eisenstandt vs. Baird.
Research the Stalking and Harassment laws.
Research the adoption laws.
Research the vital statistic laws. What do the non adopted have in comparison to the adopted. Court case Brown vs. Board of Education comes to mind. Separate is not equal.

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