Wednesday, October 31, 2007


As I am not getting through those adoptees happy with the Coleman Adoption Agency search specialist, let me present some bullet points.

  • Katrina Carlisle is the former director of Coleman Adoption agency before the agency was bought by St. Elizabeth, a Catholic Charities organization in 2005. I hope you know that Catholic Charities organizations are dead set against adoptees. They continue to fabricate lies to our legislative leaders in all states.
  • We now know that she cowrote a book on adoption.
  • Did any of you know that you also spent time in a foster care? Yep I spent three to four weeks in foster care. My mother left the home on August 9, 1965 and my adoptive parents picked me up in September 1965.
  • According to the law, there is no restrictions on contact with our natural fathers
  • There is no restriction on which CI a Coleman adoptee can use. I was told by Ms. Carlisle that she was the only one I could use. That too is in both the DCF handbook as well as written law.
  • There is no written law that states the number of times an adoptee/natural parent can contact or be contacted. Again refer to both the law or the DCF handbook.
  • Conflict of Interest also plays a part in this. Katrina is interested only in protecting the agency. Our parents nor adoptees are not the top of her concern. She is someone who has profitted and continues to do so off all of us.
  • Did you know that the adoption agency probably received foster care subsidy money off us? They got money from our natural parents. They got money from our adoptive parents. They got money from us. Most of our adoptions were not finalized for one year. So they got to continue in their profiteering. They made massive amounts of money off us. They control the laws concerning our civil rights. We as a group continue to allow them to do this. They don't represent us.
  • This agency was just as bad as all the others. They hurt our mothers, some beyond repair. You still support them? Boggles my brain

With that being said, lets take a look at the stalking and harassment laws of Indiana. As I have said, I have done my research.

§ 35-45-10-1. "Stalk" Defined. 1993

§ 1. As used in this chapter, "stalk" means a knowing or an intentional course of conduct involving repeated or continuing harassment of another person that would cause a reasonable person to feel terrorized, frightened, intimidated, or threatened and that actually causes the victim to feel terrorized, frightened, intimidated, or threatened. The term does not include statutorily or constitutionally protected activity.

§ 35-45-10-2. "Harassment" Defined. 1993.
§ 2. As used in this chapter, "harassment" means conduct directed toward a victim that includes but is not limited to repeated or continuing impermissible contact that would cause a reasonable person to suffer emotional distress and that actually causes the victim to suffer emotional distress. Harassment does not include statutorily or constitutionally protected activity, such as lawful picketing pursuant to labor disputes or lawful employer-related activities pursuant to labor disputes.

With the state allowing the CIs to contact our parents, this is probably considered a statutorily protected activity. Hmmmmmm, does this make you think yet? I have noticed Adult Adoptee and BethGo have stopped commenting. Lisa, I suspect you are Katrina anyway. Yes Look at the bottome of this web page. Its called a sitemeter. I know who visits and have your ip address. You must really think I am stupid. Katrina, you are having this women come to me and try to bluff me into thinking differently. I have the law on my side. I have taken the time to research adoption and its horrible laws especially in the state of Indiana.

Please read here for further information on another adoptee's fight against the CI system. Its Kevan's story on adoption, the CI system and his experience.


Linda said...

I'm not sure how to respond to this posting. If, as an adoptee with a positive attitude toward St. Elizabeth Coleman and Katrina Carlisle, I am accused of being a fool (or even worse, of being an imposter) then there's really nothing for me to say since it won't be taken seriously. The system around adoption in Indiana and finding out information is certainly not desirable, but I am working with what is available in order to gain information (of which I have received a good deal) and hopefully, to build a relationship with my birth mother. It seems to me that the problems with a system that restricts access and information need to be addressed at a higher level than by attacking individuals who work in that system.

Despite my frustration with the way things are, I am thankful that a way of access has been given and that I have found my birth mother and am in communication with her. As adoptees, we don't get to make many choices in this process, but we can choose how we will move forward under the circumstances and the spirit in which we will engage others.

Coleman Moms and Babes said...

I really feel for you Lisa if you are truly an adoptee. I suggest you contact Lewellen. By the way I didn't call you stupid. I called you happy. You will never convince me otherwise about Katrina. She lied by omission and flatout about her responsibilities to me. Hopefully because of me you are a little more wiser. By the way I have been writing legislators in Indiana, Texas, and many other states for two years. I have one that is working with me on legislation. I suggest that you start doing it yourself. If you need help with statistics, research and grade A logic, visit the other blog, Adoption and Its Triad. The next few years Adoptees and their families will be a force to be reckoned with. We will take back control over our records. People like Katrina will be out of business.

Anonymous said...

From Kevan:

Lisa's comment is rather heartwarming, what? Well, Lisa, I happen to believe in a take on what Martin Luther King Jr. once said. I have a dream of a day that adoptees will be judged by the content of their character and not the circumstance of their birth. My brother is my blood kin. Nobody has the right to keep us separate. Nobody has the right to say contact must go through a CI.

Oh, and when we have several people in the highest levels of the federal government having LIED us into a war that has cost thousands of lives, what makes anyone think a CI tells the truth? Government officials lie all the time! "What about privacy?!" You mean like Valerie Plame, for instance? The government has no problem revealing identities---so long as it suits their purpose. You see Dick Cheney in jail for the Plame incident? No. I rest my case. And don't give me the song-and-dance about the difference between state and federal government. Apples don't fall far from the tree.