Sunday, September 7, 2008


As time moves forward, more and more Coleman adoptees and Coleman mothers are coming forward. I feel it is important to re issue the information that you all are entitled to. What your resources are. What exactly are your rights as defined by Indiana state law. You need to know this if you are searching. If you are interested in joining the cause of the Adoptee Rights Coalition, I will also provide more information in regards to this as well.

Here is the information every Indiana adoptee should know when beginning their search:
  • You have the right to your non identifying information. You will have to be insistent with the Department of Vital Records in Indianapolis.
  • You have the right to choose the confidential intermediary. You do not have to use the agency confidential intermediary. I recommend Candy Jones and Lori Baxter. Candy Jones is a first mother in reunion. She is a member of Concerned United Birthparents. She is also a member of the American Adoption Congress. I recommend using her if you are searching for your natural family. She has been there and can reach your mother in a way that most CIs can not. Lori Baxter is an adoptee. She is also a school teacher who does this in her spare time. I recommend her for first parents searching for adoptees. She can reach your adoptee in a way that an agency can not. I have heard great things about both of these confidential intermediaries. I absolutely do not recommend Catrina Carlisle or Kris Lucas. I have heard countless stories about both of them. They will hurt your reunion more than help you reunite. Both of these women work for the adoption agency. Both women have the adoption agency's interest at heart. Catrina Carlisle is the former agency director of Coleman Adoption Services before they merged with St. Elizabeth. She is also an adoptive parent. She isn't your adoptive parent especially if your adoptive parent supports your search.
  • The law states birth parent. Both birth parents can be contacted if it is in your court records. There is no restriction on it. St. Elizabeth Coleman is the one that puts restrictions on contacting your natural father.
  • There is no limit on contacting your parents. St. Elizabeth Coleman only allows one phone call to your natural parents.

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