Tuesday, October 7, 2008


I pay attention to Catholic Charities across the country. Why? They affect our records in Indiana. They own a majority of our records in Indiana. They are adamantly against any of us having access to those records.

I am sure that they do good works but not when it comes to adoptees and their families. Many have said that the reason that they are against open adoptee access is to prevent further exposure of the priest scandal. In fact, that priest scandal is still in the news. Victims are now starting to get paid for some of the many lawsuits.

In San Francisco, they are ending a two year relationship with a gay adoption agency. What Catholic Charities and other agencies do not understand is that if you accept federal funds, you can't discriminate against gays, women or any other group of people.

Catholic Charities and various parishes have also been sued on birth control issues. They do not allow the health insurance companies to provide birth control to their female employees. I have seen countless lawsuits against them for this issue.

They are also being sued for age discrimination. This organization seems to be well known for its discrimination against various groups of people. Whether you be an adoptee, gay, natural parent, woman, or elderly, you are just wrong. Its time to end this kind of discriminatory action against people. If you receive federal funds, you can't discriminate.

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