Thursday, November 1, 2007


As President Bush kicks off another National Adoption Awareness Month, we in the underground adoption movement are kicking off National Bewareness Month. I am asking my fellow Coleman adoptees and natural parents to stand with me. I am asking you to make your voices HEARD. You created three blogs in our honor to counter me. Stand up and make voices count and heard. Let us all fight back against the system that doesn't allow US TO MAKE CONTACT WITH OUR FAMILIES. Let us stand against a system that violates our civil rights. Let us stand against the system that violates our choices. Let us stand up for change. We can do it.

I am presenting a blogger blitz for this event. Let us educate the adoption industry. Let us make them accountable for the actions against us and our families. The Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute is going to be releasing a new report on adoptees and their rights.

This institute along with many many others will be also going to be supporting a national bill in the next few years to allow adoptees and their families access to the very records that we are denied. Its time to push this issue.

In the month ahead, I will be presenting statistics, research material and other information to prove all of this. You can find this information on the links and here.


Anonymous said...

Lisa, BethGo, Adultadoptee please email at

Anonymous said...

From Kevan:

One supposes the reason they chose November as Adoption Awareness Month is because it's also the month of Thanksgiving. Well, look what happened to the Native Americans after the first Thanksgiving. Which reminds me of how the judge flagrantly refused to follow the law in the Indian Child Welfare Act and give me my birth records. The Dishonorable Tari L. Cody of the Ventura County Superior Court in California said, yes, my birth records do say my my birth mother has American Indian ancestry, but because no tribe was listed, they don't have to hand over the records. Which is NOT what ICWA says. Since then, I found my extended birth family and, gosh, my great-grandmother was full Cherokee! And, double gosh, my birth mother's middle name---Leota---is a Cherokee word! Imagine that!

Be that as it may, they probably wish to link adoption with Thanksgiving. And for what ought we be thankful for? The lies and deceit of traveling carnival-grade hucksters and charlatans employed by Das Homeland? Thankful for losing siblings, aunts, uncles, ancestors, grandparents, and our true ethnic origin? Well, not all adoptees are so keen on Stockholm Syndrome here in Guan-adopt-amo.

Were adoption a just practice, it would not deprive adoptees of birth records because there would be no need to do so. Adoption would be---my emphasis here---PERFECTLY NORMAL and no one would need to hide records or play shell-games with them. But it is not treated as such. Rather than the importance placed on the adoptee, the importance is placed on the service of providing children to childless couples. There can be no other explanation for hiding away the birth records. It is quite similar to corporate business practice of never revealing your vendors and suppliers to your end users, customers, or competitors. As it would be in any business, adoption agencies want to remain the "middleman" and not have open adoptions that basically cut them out of the very profitable picture. The function of adoption agencies is to act as what is termed a "distributor" in the business word. Except the product they distribute happens to be human beings.

Finally, an adoptee needs to consider all the Thanksgivings they never had a chance to send cards to lost siblings and family members. Indeed, the social services, adoption agencies, and closed records defenders would like us to sit down to the Thanksgiving table----only to sell us smallpox-infected blankets later.

Mary said...

Good point Kevan. My adoption is another thing to give thanks for NOT. Plus maybe people will adopt in time for Christmas...what a gift (please note the