Friday, November 2, 2007


This is information that you can use to write legislators. This information can be used to counter the arguments against adoptee access.

No matter how we feel about Katrina, we all agree that this situation in Indiana stinks. So I am gonna give you power to fight back against the situation. Lisa you are the most powerful and vocal amongst us. You live in Indiana. BethGo lives in Illinois. Adult adoptee lives in Colorado. I live in Texas. We can support you and give you statistics but the Indiana legislators don't listen to us. They listen to the adoption agencies, Catholic Charities, and the National Council for Adoption.

  • In Oregon and New Hampshire, 99% of natural parents want contact. In fact, natural mothers in Indiana put up a list of 500 natural mother in the newspapers. Oregon used a voter initiative. I know in Texas that we don't have that right but maybe in Indiana you do.

  • I have read in a Cornell Study where 80% of adoptive parents want their children to have their original birth certificates. They understand the need to have documentation that proves their birth.

  • The Surgeon General promotes honest medical history for all of us. Even though it was not specified for us. He uses this month to promote people talking to their families about family medical history.

  • In both the Oregon courts and Tennessee courts, familial privacy is not violated when allowing adoptees access to their records. In abortion, contraception, and parenting, women are exercising their right to privacy. In adoption, women are relinquishing their right to privacy. Something else to remember ~ the right to privacy is about the right to be free from governmental interference. The state governments are violating our right to privacy. Adoption is a legal transfer of parenting. Once we reach adulthood we should be allowed access to the very document that records our birth

  • The State Department has recently changed many of its policies on passports. Many adoptees do not have complete amended birth certificates. Mine is missing the date that it was filed. That amended birth certificate alone makes me a prisoner of my own country. I would not be allowed to have a passport. I can't go out of the country as result. I can't prove that I am an American citizen.

  • In regards to abortion, Kansas and Alaska have always had lower than the national average rate of abortions. The adoption rate is higher than the national average. In Oregon, adoption has steadily increase since the records have been opened to allow adoptee access.

The links are below. This also includes the court cases in both Tennessee and Oregon.

Court Cases in Tennessee and Oregon.

Oregon statistics can be found here. Make sure you browse the entire site. They have also been keeping track of adoptions in that state.

Oregon court case can be found here.

Organizations that support us having our truth.

The Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute. Read this in particular. This group will also be coming out with a report on adoptee rights and its issues in the next few weeks.

OriginsUSA. They also have research studies that conclude that our mothers support our right to our records.

Bastard Nation. Excellent group of all living adoption who fully support our rights.

Adoption Triad Outreach. Another important group that supports us.

The Adoption History Project.

Adult Adoptees For Change.

Adoptee Rights. That little protest that I mentioned. We are becoming a loud and forceful group. Highly recommend you joining if you haven't already. We are fighting for no compromise. Our rights we want them NOW.

The Adoption Show. Michelle Edmunds is totally awesome. I was just on her show helping Kali Coultas do the Angrate Action Alert.

Check the links off to the side. Read them. They all support us fully in our access to the very records that ACCURATELY record our birth.

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