Wednesday, November 14, 2007

My letter to Indy Star

I have written in several times. I have yet to get a letter published.
I have looked everywhere on your website about the recent report from the Evan B. Donaldson Institute. It concerns adoptee rights. Of course I have come to believe that Indiana doesn't care about its adoptees, adoptive families, nor its natural parents.
Brynden Ayre,a father, is a man who wants to raise his child. The natural mother didn't want anything to do with the child. She tried to place in Indiana and then in Texas. Because he was on the putative father registry in both states. She was given the advice to go to Utah at the American Center of Choice. This agency is very corrupt and very adept at circumventing the rights of natural fathers who want to raise their children. There has been three cases in the last year alone with this agency. This agency has been banned from advertising in Illinois by the State Attorney general and the Governor of Illinois.
Then you have Melanie Addington who adopted a baby boy from Indiana. This woman shook and then slammed this child against a wall. The adoption wasn't even finalized. Sadly this little Indiana hoosier will forever suffer the foster care system in Iowa because some agency in the state of Indiana did not follow through properly. I doubt that the natural parents were ever told of what this woman did to their child.
As I continue to research adoption in the state of Indiana, I am amazed that prospective adoptive parents don't have any kind of protection either. There is no way for an adoptive parent to check out an agency to see if they are an ethical agency. Adoption is win/win/win for only adoption agencies and attorneys. They get to continue to earn a huge profit in a non profit kind of way at the expense of adoptees, natural parents and adoptive parents. We are their product, producers and market.
This report sheds some light on adoptees. It doesn't go all the way. It still bases the right of adoptees to access their OBC on reunion and health issues.
An adoptee's right to have their original OBC is a violation of the right to privacy. It is the adoptee whose right to privacy is being violated. The right to privacy isn't about confidentiality. It is about the right to be free from governmental interference. This includes states. The state of Indiana has no interest in keeping these records from them. The state of Indiana is violating my fourth amendment right to my papers. They have seized them without due cause or reason. They base it on the mythology and misinformation of the adoption industry.
Sincerely,Amy K. Burt

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