Saturday, November 10, 2007


I am asking all Indiana adoptees to take a challenge. I am asking all of you to step up and take action. If enough of us file this out, maybe the Indiana Civil Rights Commission will take notice and pass it on to the state legislators of Indiana.

We have to step up. Its up to us to change the laws. We all want this. We need to step up and fight for it. Adoptive parents, adoptees and natural parents of Coleman Adoption Agency step up and take back your choices and your rights.

The adoption agencies of this country are violating our civil rights. Adoption is about the adoption agency. It is not about any of us. It is about money. It is win/win/win for the agency. We are the product, producers and the foolish consumer. The only way to change it is demand more of our legislators. Tell the Indiana legislators we demand accountability of adoption agencies and attorneys.

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