Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I have read very heavily into Indiana law concerning adoptee rights. I was told by the agency CI, Katrina Carlisle, that natural fathers have no rights in the state of Indiana. If the natural mother refuses contact, the natural father can't be contacted. Interestingly enough, the law doesn't specify that.

I found this little bit of information on HB 1217 which was enacted into law on March 30, 2005. It was put into effect on July 1, 2005. All the laws state "birth" parent. It does not specify mother or father just birth parent. I have yet to get any kind of answer from any Indiana state legislator on any of this. When I spoke with another court sanctioned CI, I found out that natural fathers can be contacted.

The law states:

IC 31-19-18-2 (a); and (2) the following persons have submitted a written consent under IC 31-19-21 (or IC 31-3-4-27 before its repeal) to the state registrar that allows the release of identifying information to the person requesting the information:

(A) The adult adoptee.
(B) A birth parent.

In the HB 1217, the adoption agency and the state is to provide this information in copy form minus identifying information to me or to any adoptee or natural parent.

Sec. 5.
(a) This section applies to an adoption that is granted before July 1, 1993.
(b) Upon the request of an adoptee who is at least eighteen (18) years of age, a person, a licensed child placing agency, or a county office of family and children shall provide to the adoptee available information of social, medical, psychological, and educational records and reports concerning the adoptee. The person, licensed child placing agency, or county office of family and children shall exclude from the records information that would identify the birth parents.

You see I was read this information via a telephone call. I never received any kind of paper work except the so called transcripts from the phone conversations between my natural mother and the agency CI. That was not even on company letterhead. I have no idea if those are authentic. I paid these kind folks over at the St. Elizabeth Coleman $325.00. I really got nothing. Because I feel that I was lied to on so many counts, I honestly don't believe anything on those transcripts.

This is something that all adoptees and natural parents should be aware of. This agency now charges at least $200.00 to natural parents who are searching for their children. This agency charges $325.00 for adoptees who are searching for their parents. If at all possible, do not use this agency for search purposes. I have heard repetitively from many others that this agency sabotages reunions. Take the fight to the legislators of Indiana. Its time to make a difference. Indiana adoptees and mothers take a stand. Its time to take our rights back from the agencies and the state. Its time to claim our rights to the very documents that accurately record our lives. If the non adopted affected have those rights, why can't we?

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