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I promised a comment from our resident mother, Janice. Actually she has been a mother to me and many other adoptees to include Tanya, and others in Indiana and country wide. I too wonder what the hell they told our mothers. I wonder what Katrina tells them to discourage them so much. Is she scaring them?

Dear Adoptee,

I was at the Coleman Home. It was such a good experience that the other mothers are afraid to talk about it? I lost weight being there. Just fed the minimal. I was lied to and treated like a commodity. No counseling what so ever at any thime. We were kept in the basement of the home, alone, til the pains were 2 minutes apart. Then sent to the hospital. My hands were tied down when it came time to deliver. No pain meds til the baby was coming out so we couldn't see any of the birth.I didn't want to sign any papers and they told me it didn't matter cause they could take her anyway. I later found out they said I came from a girls school and made her a ward of the court and took her away. Said I didn't know who the father was. If I came from a girls school how did I get pregnant? Also I was told I could name her and the adoptive parents agreed they would keep the name. No where on the papers was the name I had given her. I found put she was sold by my parents for money and the agency went along with this. They must have recieved a bunch themselves. I had asked to go to church as I was Catholic and was denied that.I have tried for years to find another coleman mother to talk to me and they are all afraid to. They were brainwashed pretty good. I have felt for years I was such a bad person for getting pregnant but if I was so bad why did someone want a baby I had? We were just a means and a business like anything else. It is so sad that there are so many of us who have gone on and been so unhappy because we were talked into something and didn't get to make our own decision.We weren't monsters to be treated that way, we were girls who made a mistake.

Janice Barnes

If this alone doesn't wake you up, I don't know what to say to you. If Julie's comment doesn't wake you, then I don't know what to say. Adoptees across this country in non open record states have gone through what we went through. Here you are, fifty something woman, being treated like a child. Its time to come out of the fog and get angry. I met another mother who was at Coleman for three days. Her son was born the day before me. According to her there was no other women there with her. So I doubt my own birthday. Indiana is known for changing dates and children from incestral relationships. So whose your mama now?

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PJ said...

There is absolutely no good reason for the Coleman agency to charge so much money for opening the file they already have. Asking so much for information that is yours as a constitutional right is SO WRONG!

I say adoption agencies should be required to send everything in the adoption file to both the parents and the adopted person at age 21, charging mailing costs only. They charge enough to arrange the adoption; they should not be allowed to charge for the reunion.

Everyone deserves the right to know their parentage... and anyone who stands in the way of that knowledge should not be considered American! This kind of thing is not what our country stands for... reunite mothers with their children... and children with their mothers! NOW!

When it comes to family, there should be no secrets!