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Let me state the facts. I have done my research for the last two years. Have you? I have read the law inside and out. I can't for the life of me figure how Katrina and the Agency can twist the law to continue to hurt us adoptees and our families. I have been told that it is because they are a private agency.

Katrina Carlisle is the former adoption agency director at Coleman Adoption Agency. In case you happy adoptees don't understand this. This woman helped in the taking of babies from mothers. Natural mothers don't like hearing from someone like her. Don't believe me? Go check the links off the side there. Ask them. They HATE them. They don't ever want to hear from the agency ever again. Its not you that they dislike. Its her. It is that simple. I have done my research. I have spoken with hundreds if not thousands of mothers across this country of ours. Its always the same. I doubt that she told any of you that.

Did she tell you about this book that she cowrote? Yep a how to guide to adopt.

Did you know that our adoptive parents didn't get a copy of the records either? Not even a copy of the very records that they signed. Yep many adoptive parents accepted that they were the best of the best. I don't think so. It sounds like a Georgia Tann thing to me. Did you even read what Janice wrote? THEY TIED OUR MOTHERS TO THEIR BEDS WHEN THEY BEGAN GIVING BIRTH. They did this to prevent them from touching their stomachs Doesn't that make you even the slightest bit angry? Hell it set me on FIRE. It set my adoptive mother on fire.

She told me that only she would access to my records. That no other person would be allowed to read my records but her. I found out that this was false. Do you know that most CI's in the state of Indiana steer away from Coleman? They rip adoptees off period. Did you know that CI's out of Fort Wayne Catholic Charities are charged a much lower sum to review their records? I heard this from several other CI's. They don't want to deal with the Coleman Agency or St. Elizabeth. I can choose any CI that I want in Indiana. I was told that I could not contact my father because my mother refused. I found out that this was a lie from several other CIs. She also told me that my father and siblings could not contact me via the Adoption registry.

Catholic Charities is also known for taking money and giving zilch in return. In fact, Indiana has had an issue with this for quite a while.

Now I want to introduce the law into this.

IC 31-19-22-2
Requirements for release of identifying information
Sec. 2. The state registrar, the department, a county office of family and children, a licensed child placing agency, a professional health care provider (as defined in IC 34-6-2-117), and a court shall release identifying information in the entity's possession only if:

(1) the information is requested by a person described in IC 31-19-18-2(a); and
(2) the following persons have submitted a written consent under IC 31-19-21 (or IC 31-3-4-27 before its repeal) to the state registrar that allows the release of identifying information to the person requesting the information:

(A) The adult adoptee.
(B) A birth parent.

As added by P.L.1-1997, SEC.11. Amended by P.L.1-1998, SEC.161; P.L.145-2006, SEC.257.

Where does it say "birth" mother? Do you see it? I don't. I see "birth" parent. There is no restriction if one parent refuses. It just says "birth" parent. I see no restriction on "birth" fathers. For once think outside that little box that you have ensconced yourselves. All of this can be read at that link.

IC 31-19-24-4
Search for information and persons

Sec. 4. The confidential intermediary shall:

(1) make complete and reasonable efforts to locate the medical, identifying, or nonidentifying information;
(2) attempt to locate any person necessary to obtain the medical, identifying, or nonidentifying information;
(3) inform the person contacted of the medical or other need set forth by the petitioner; and
(4) obtain the needed medical, identifying, or nonidentifying information.
As added by P.L.1-1997, SEC.11. Amended by P.L.196-1997, SEC.15.

Do you see any restriction on only one call? I don't. That is a Coleman policy.

IC 31-19-24-14

Appointment of confidential intermediary; requirements

Sec. 14. A court may only appoint a person to serve as a confidential intermediary under this chapter if the person:

(1) agrees to abide by the order of the court under section 3 of this chapter without advocating either the opening or maintaining the confidentiality of adoption records;

(2) does not have a personal relationship with either the petitioner or the person from whom the medical, identifying, or nonidentifying information is being sought; and

(3) agrees to comply with the limitations set by the court in searching for the information specified by the court under section 3

(4) of this chapter.As added by P.L.196-1997, SEC.22.

Where does it state that she is the only CI that we can use only her? I don't see it. I can prove what I say. I have been doing for years now. This is nothing for me. She needs the light shown on her. The agency needs the light shown on it as well. Open your eyes. Read the law yourselves.

Here is what the Vital Statistics Handbook says on adoptee and natural parent access. It states the same thing. It states "birth" parent. The CIs in Indiana have free reign to do whatever they want and to charge whatever THEY deem reasonable. There is no accountability of CIs in the state of Indiana.

The State Registrar shall release a copy of the Medical History to an
interested person, which is defined as:
(1) an adoptee,
(2) a birth parent,
(3) an adoptive parent,
(4) a relative of a birth parent,
(5) a relative of an adoptive parent,
(6) the DFC or the COFC,
(7) an adoption agency (a licensed child placing agency), or
(8) a court.
In addition, the State Registrar may release a copy of the Indiana Medical
History Report to any person who satisfies the Registrar that the person
has a legitimate need for the information. Any category of information
not prescribed by the Indiana Medical History Report shall not be released
under IC 31-19-19-4.
720.322 Non-identifying and Identifying Information
In accordance with IC 31-19-18-2, non-identifying and identifying
information may be received or transmitted for inclusion with the
adoption history by the following persons:
(1) An adoptee who is an adult (age 21) or over; or if the adoptee is
deceased, the adoptee’s spouse or relative (parent, children, brother,
or sister), providing this relationship existed at the time of the
adoptee's death.
(2) A birth parent; or, if the birth parent is deceased, the birth parent’s
spouse or relative (parent, children, brother, or sister) providing this
relationship existed at the time of the birth parent's death.
(3) An adoptive parent.
(4) A pre-adoptive sibling
720.33 Registering on the Adoption History Registry

These registration forms must be filed with the State Registrar of Vital Records
(Indiana Adoption History Registry), the state or county office of family and
children, child placing agencies, health care providers or courts. However, COFCs
are encouraged to instruct applicant(s) to forward the forms and other required
identification, documentation and changes directly to the State Registrar of Vital
Different forms are used to register to receive medical, non-identifying and
identifying information as follows:
720.331 Filing for the Release of Non-Identifying Information:
The pink “Non-identifying Information: Adoption History Registration
Form” is used to file for the release of non-identifying information. See
subsection 720.312 for the definition of non-identifying information. A
copy of this form is in Appendix FFF to this section.

Procedures for Obtaining Adoption History Information Not Available from the State Registrar
In accordance with IC 31-19-22-7, an adoptee or a birth parent who submits a written consent
for release of identifying information may request the attorney, child placing agency (LCPA) or
county office of family and children (COFC) to contact the adoptee or birth parent whose
consent is necessary before identifying information can be released. Also, any interested
person, as defined in 720.321 above, who has a need to obtain medical non-identifying or
identifying information not contained in the Adoption History Registry information through the
State Registrar and not forthcoming from the sources noted above may file a petition with any
court with probate jurisdiction in Indiana for the desired information. The petition must contain,
to the best of the petitioner’s knowledge, the following:
(1) The full name and address of the petitioner.
(2) The adoptee's full name, sex, date of birth and if known, the place of birth and the nature
of the medical information being sought; current address, county of adoption proceeding,
name and address of the agency that placed the adoptee; the full name and current
address of the adopting parents, if any; date of adoption proceedings, full name and
current address of the birth parent.

Where oh where is the restriction on natural fathers? I don't see it. I don't see any restriction on the number of times an agency can contact. This is the agency's policy. As Katrina works for this agency, I thus call her a liar and a thief. I have proof. Its there for you in red black and white. Open your eyes.

Katrina, why are you having happy adoptees coming here? Why can't you come out to play? Afraid of us here at the blog? Your tactics have hurt three mothers here on this blog. Your tactics have hurt three adoptees here. Two of them are still drinking Coleman koolaid. Not for long, you can take that to the bank. You brought them here. I will educate. As well as many other souls who visit here and the other blog.

By the way, I will be presenting this information to the Indiana state legislators at the Adoptee Rights protest in July of 2008. That is the state legislators convention. Things will change. You will soon have to find work elsewhere.


Anonymous said...

From Kevan:

So the CI claims they can only call once? Kind of like being jailed; you get your one phone call, so make it count? The CI in my case in California called a few times. Not that I have any love for CIs. I believe CIs are power-hungry tyrants who get off on feeling like they've got power over someone. Usually because they don't have any REAL power in their own lives. They also tend to have this self-annointed sainthood where they feel like only they alone can reunite people separated due the tyrannical policies they so adamantly defend. (Because without those policies and closed records, CIs would have to go back to their previous jobs at Taco Bell.) With open records, any adoptee could find their people on their own without the CI barging into business between FAMILY that STRANGERS (aka CIs) need to STAY OUT OF.

We adoptees are victimized from the beginning and continue to be victimized by CIs, search angels, and other vampires feeding off our anguish and loss. These defenders of closed records keep presenting us with the Stockholm Syndromites who defend this because they are SOOOOO much better off adopted. Yeah, well, those people do not speak for me.


Mary said...

Another awesome post!

Anonymous said...

Excellent and informative post!

Having been thru the Indiana "system", myself, I feel terribly for you that you ended up having the experience you did.

I used a state appointed CI, named Lori Baxter, and she was just awesome! Although my birthmother/family denied contact, she was thorough, professional, compassionate and just plain wonderful!

Coleman Moms and Babes said...

She also doesn't back away from a fight either. She makes it very clear that our parents/adoptees get to hear our voices as well. That is what is so interesting about her.