Tuesday, July 1, 2008


I don't talk about presidential politics on any of my blogs. I have not decided who I am voting for. So I am not going to preach or discuss the good and bad points of either Obama or McCain. Right now they are both equal. Right now its a clean fight. I respect both for keeping it clean.

Its being discussed in certain areas of the country about a new idea. Its called Abortion reduction. What these folks are discussing are ways to reduce abortion. So many times abortion is associated with adoption. I agree we need sex education. Women and men need more access to resources for their own reproductive health. I agree with them whole heartedly.

However, the adoption side of this needs to change first. The one and only comment on this article is this:

"It seems to me it's a matter of funding. Would the efforts for adoption make less funds available for abortions? If so, Perhaps that funding loss could be conpensated via harvesting of the aborted fetus cells/organs. The revenue generated from the harvests could go to fund more Planned Parenthood Centers / Advertising. I'd like to see solutions and new ideas."

Okay I think we need to discuss this issue first with the adoptees, the natural parents, and the adoptive parents on the issue of adoption. We desperately need to reform adoption first. We adoptees are not the discarded fetus cells/organs. I am hoping that one of our secret operatives from the adoption underground can advise these individuals wisely. BB Church I am praying and pulling for you on this issue. I can see your expression now. Are you choking on the coffee?

Before we promote adoption to the hilt, can we please reform it first? I am tired of living in secrets and lies.

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