Saturday, July 26, 2008


After speaking with the organizers and attendees of the Adoptee Rights Demonstration, it went off without a hitch. They came, they protested, and they came home hyped up. They spoke of adoptee rights to legislators from all over the country. Gershom gives a post by post blow of what it was like to protest for the right to access one's own original birth certificate. She even hit a couple of Indiana legislators.

I would like to thank a few folks.

Gershom as the lead organizer of this protest.

Ron Morgan for a great idea. Don't worry Ron. We shall take your idea and make it into the dream that you wanted.

Michelle Edmunds for being totally sane when many of us didn't feel it.

CathyOBC for ME for her wisdom in bring this together and making it work.

Joy for coming out blasting.

Thank you to all of the other protesters. Thank you Louisiana for hosting us there. Next year Philadelphia here we come.

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