Sunday, July 6, 2008


Happy birthday my young friends. I spoke with your mother this morning. I can tell you that she loves and misses you passionately. I can tell you that she worries about you often. I don't think a day goes by when she doesn't think about you or miss you so much.

I want you to know that she fought hard for you. I know that we all have in the blogosphere. I have reported the stories. I have taken on some mean people in your defense. I really don't mind. I am sure growing up in the Needham family that you will hear many lies. Yes they are lies.

I don't know how you will resolve the issues that you will face. Please know that your mother, Allison, never stopped fighting. We all have done our best to keep this story alive. Your mother is an incredible woman, full of love, fight and strength. Even now, strong woman can and will continue to be taken advantage of.

The Needhams denied your mother of her right to parent you. They took advantage of her when she was ill, deathly ill. They had their cousin push her hard to relinquish. The attorneys, judges and even the cousin knew that she was coerced every step of the way.

Once you grow up and learn what happened, your mother and the many friends that she does have will help you and support you when you discover the truth.

Happy Birthday my dear young friends. You are loved and cherished all across the United States and the world.

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