Monday, June 30, 2008


Yesterday I was playing with google search. Its one of my favorite past times. I usually find tons of new information. I googled our delightful (snark) agency. I see that they have been pushing for good advertisement. Evidently when you google St. Elizabeth/Coleman, this blog comes in a third or fourth position behind the adoption agency's own website.

I have found out that they are now doing international adoption homestudies. This agency also gets funds from the United Way. Their attorneys are Mercer and Belanger. Interesting again because these attorneys are associated with repossessions of homes. Yep if you have issues with your mortgage and are unable to pay, you will have these folks coming to repossess your home. Real bunch of good guys to have associated with adoption if you ask me. They appear to be ruthless. These guys are the attorneys associated with St. Elizabeth/Coleman. They seem to have some seriously big banks as clients.

Sickening absolutely sicking

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