Sunday, September 2, 2007


Adoption scares me. Really it scares me. When I began my search, I honestly didn't think about really researching adoption as a political subject. Now I look at it in a whole another light. I have to wonder why the women and men groups are not more concerned. Are we really so concerned with the concept of "free love? Are we really concerned about morality? Does it really matter if women and men have options? I read recently about the Virginia putative father registry. The men responding in it were more concerned with their rights to procreate than being fathers. They viewed it as a way for women to get child support. Oh Lord if it were just that simple! I want to scream at them that its a way to deny you the right to raise your child. We want people to be responsible for sex but we are quick, too quick, to deny them the right to parent their own child. Our society, thanks to the likes of Madonna and Angelina Jolie, has gotten to the point where they think that they are entitled to other people's children. Just look at the Stephanie Bennett Case, Cody O'Dea, Allison Quets, Joshua, Bryn, Jamie Keifer, Rashad Head, Ibaanika, and many others. These are the ones that have made public news. How many do we not hear about? How many men and women are devastated by adoption? I am not even including adoptees. We are the ones that have to live with adoption. We are the ones who have their identity stolen from them.

I haven't touched on this story because it is in the United Kingdom. I hope that we never get to that point. Sadly we are heading that direction thanks to the President's Mental Health Initiative. I had hope that this just couldn't be true. In the state of Illinois, it passed without a hitch. All women of childbearing age will be tested for mental illness. Why would you the casual reader be concerned? They will use that testing against a woman. They will use that testing to take a child from their mother. The National Council for Adoption must be salivating at the thought of that. Its $40,000 per child for them. That would increase adoption a great deal. It would also put more children into the foster care system. This young woman was seeking help and counseling stemming from childhood issues. It is my understanding that she was raped as a child. Her counselors have also written in her behalf. This pediatrician who has never seen this young woman is the one who made the call on this young woman. She will have her baby taken at birth. She is now under court protective order. As with all the other cases, here, here, here, here and here, the family court system has put a gag order on all stories concerning this. Funny thing is that it still leaks out. These newspapers have heard from literally hundreds if not thousands.

This is what the National Council for Adoption would love to happen here. The National Council for Adoption is connected to the Heritage Foundation and Patrick Fagan. I have written about them in the past. It is now that I realize that this group means business. Patrick Fagan blames women for divorce, rape, domestic violence and their own poverty. I read recently that a pastor blamed slavery for the lack of fatherhood in the African American people. It really made sense. In slavery, black people were bought and sold. Slavery had separated families. It never gave fathers a chance to be a father or to learn how to be a father. I see adoption doing the same thing to other fathers as well as African American men. You see back in the baby scoop era, women were totally blamed for their pregnancies. Anglo American women were considered feeble minded, neurotic, mentally unstable, and causing their own pregnancies in order to strike back at their parents. African American women were blamed for their poverty of their race. Both groups of women were considered breeders for the infertile adopters wanting children. The only way that these women could be redeemed was to give their children up for adoption. Interestingly enough, adoption is a predominately white phenomena.

All through the NCFA website, you can find reference to how single women are responsible for the poverty of their children. How single women could help their children become successful by putting them up for adoption. Their CEO, Tom Atwood, is very connected to the Heritage Foundation. He worked for them for eleven years. He also worked for Bethany Adoption Services. Single women will be targeted with this type of legislation in place in Illinois. They will be declared incompetent as they were in the baby scoop era in order to gain their children. They will sell their children to the highest bidder. Are we as a society willing to go back? With groups like this in power, we must make a change and we must be willing to take a stand.

As a mother I do not want my daughters targeted. I want to help my daughters make their decision. In many of the stories previously mentioned, these people didn't have a good support system or they had unscrupulous people working against them. In fact I don't want any woman, man or child targeted for their ability to produce product for a market of entitled people.

Oh and on a side note, they are trolling our blogs and forums. I too thought what would they be interested in with little old me. I have had Holt International, Bethany, and even a troll at the Department of Energy. You ask why they would be interested in us. I found this little memo from the NCFA. The Department of Energy must answer to the Committee of Energy and Commerce. This committee regulates consumer affairs. We all know that adoption is a consumer based business.

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