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FIRST OFF AND ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT IS BASTARD NATION'S ACTION ALERT FOR MASSACHUSETTSBASTARD NATION ACTION ALERT! MASSACHUSETTS SB63 Please forward freely!MASSACHUSETTS TRASHES ADOPTEE RIGHTS!ADOPTEES BLACKLISTED BY DATE OF BIRTH! Call, email, or fax Governor Deval Patrick IMMEDIATELY and urge him to VETO SB 63. (Contact information below)In 2005 we were told by members of the Massachusetts legislature, “Trust us." Unrestricted adoptee access to their own original birth certificates in Massachusetts is a "no brainer." In 2006 we were told, "Oops! Our bad!" We can only "give access to some of you." The once clean bill, with the support of certain "adoption reformers" was amended repeatedly and quietly, until the right of ALL Massachusetts adoptees to receive their birth record was reduced to a favor for SOME. Although it passed both houses, the bill was pocket vetoed by then Governor Mitt Romney. IT'S BACK!Like a bad penny, the bill came back, resurrected as SB63, obnoxiously titled An Act Further Regulating Access to Birth Certificates. On August 30, 2007 SB63 passed the legislature. It will soon arrive on Gov Deval Patrick's desk. SB63 tosses a substantial number of Massachusetts adoptees, based solely on their date of birth, into a black hole without the same right of identity as everyone else born in Massachusetts.(1) Adopted persons 18 years of age or older born in the commonwealth on or before July 17, 1974 or on or after January 1, 2008 or an adoptive parent of an adopted person under 18 years of age and born in the commonwealth on or after January 1, 2008 will be "allowed" unrestricted access to the original birth certificate. (2) Adopted persons born in Massachusetts between those dates cannot access their original birth certificates without a court order or other special procedures.(3) The bill also establishes a "subject to appropriations" voluntary state-operated "contact information registry"--an apparent scrap thrown to the blacklisted, who will be forced to enroll in a government program with the hope that an original birth certificate might be forthcoming if a birthparent consents to its release.READ THE FULL TEXT: SB 63 IS BADSB 63 grossly discriminates against adoptees. The bill creates an arbitrary state-constructed blacklist, based solely on date of birth, prohibiting certain adopted persons from accessing their own original birth certificates. Those born before or after specified dates are permitted unrestricted access. Those born between those dates are blacklisted and required to seek a court order to receive their birth certificates. SB 63 revives and legitimizes debunked spurious claims of "implied promises of confidentiality" to birthparents. Such promises are an urban myth. In 30 years of birth record access legislation, no document has been presented to support "promises of confidentiality," "privacy" or "anonymity"-- implied or otherwise. SB 63 turns back the clock. In the last eight years Oregon, Alabama, New Hampshire, and Maine have restored to adopted persons, the right to access their own original birth certificates. Kansas and Alaska have never sealed birth certificates. Other states are moving toward full restoration of identity rights for all adoptees.SB 63 goes against the tide of rights restoration . It stigmatizes all the blacklisted adopted men and women forcing them to seek a court order for what is rightly theirs: their own original birth certificates.Bastard Nation: The Adoptee Rights Organization opposes legislation that denies any adult adoptee access to his or her own original birth records on par with all other citizens.STATISTICSFor an up-to-date stats on open records states go to BN's MySpace page: call or write Governor Patrick today to urge him to do the right thing: VETO SB 63.His Excellency Deval PatrickRoom 360Boston, MA 02133Phone: 617.725.4005 888.870.7770 (in state)Fax: 617.727.9725TTY: 617.727.3666Email template: A NEW GROUP FOR US NATIVE AMERICAN BASTARDS LOOKING FOR OUR WAY HOME.Tuesday, September 04, 2007First Nations Orphan Association (FNOA) - Adoptee Welcome Home Gathering!
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I am forwarding an ad for an adoptee Welcome Home Gathering. This gathering is a first in Indian Country where a tribe is formally welcoming home their adoptees.White Earth along with Red Lake reservation had the highest rates of removal in the state of MN where 1 in 4 babies were removed from their home before the passage of ICWA in 1978.Since adoptees are scattered across the country I am asking if you could help in posting this ad.For more information contact:Sandy White
I have been keeping an eye on three fathers tackling the same agency. Cody O'Dea, Joseph Simmerson, and Bryndon Ayre are very harsh realities in the world of adoption. Fathers wanting to raise their children have no such luck in the state of Utah. It all comes down to one adoption agency, American Center For Choice. They have been pushing hard to have access to mothers out of states. Most of these other stories can be found here. The author of this blog has kept tabs on this agency for quite a while. No one except the state of Illinois has bothered to stop them. I hope to make at least the state of Indiana for Bryn Ayre to stand up and pay attention. Hopefully they will follow Illinois' lead on this issue.
Two of the mother's involved in these cases swear up and down that these men were not good men. They didn't stand up for their parenting rights during the pregnancy. Their language so far as been less than desired. It tends to take away their credibility. If they didn't want to raise their children, why couldn't these young men and their very supportive families raise these children? On another blog, Aislin, a commenter brings up a very good point. If these young women were on the up and up as they so profess, why did they go to Utah of all places? They chose to go there at the urging of someone. Everyone ever involved in the industry, including Indiana, Wyoming, Georgia and Texas all know better than to go to a state like Utah. Utah is far worse than any state in the union. It is even worse than the state of Florida. All of these states have a stopping point.
Everyone that reads here knows that I am sensitive to father's rights. I was blessed to have a wonderful husband. Should I ever die, I don't want anyone to interfere with his very capable ability to raise our two daughters on his own. I see my many high school male friends fighting these tough battles with their ex-wifes in order to have visitation with their wives. All of them are wonderful loving fathers. They have been very dear intelligent loving men. I would fight to death for their rights. After knowing something of my supposed history, I am their child at fourty two years of age. My natural father supposedly wanted me but he and I weren't allowed that opportunity to know each other. Still not for that matter. If my natural mother knew what I knew, I honestly believe that she too would be standing with me. Thanks to an industry that continually shames and humiliates her, she will not ever know what she and I have missed.
Ladies you might not have good relationships with these young men but seriously is that any reason to deny their rights to parent? If my own natural father had the strength fortitude to stand up and own his part in my life, then I feel that these young men should be afforded that opportunity that my own natural father was denied.

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