Sunday, September 9, 2007

Brynden Ayers

Indiana now has a father whose rights are being denied to him. His name is Brynden Ayres. He is a hoosier. Sadly the Indiana legislators want to ignore him. Too bad that they won't listen to him. Maybe I can get them to listen to him. Maybe I can get them to read what the Illinois Attorney General had to say. The Adoption Center of Choice has a bad reputation. You can read about it here. The author has done extensive research on this agency. Utah in itself has a bad reputation anyway but this is one of the bottom feeders in the country. His girlfriend started in Indiana. He is on the putative father registry. She can't put her child up for adoption there. Then she came down to Texas. He put himself on it down here too. Texas sent her on her way. As long as a father wants to parent, the child can't be up for adoption. She goes to Utah. Low and behold, she can do it there. This man has tried keeping up with her for two states. Utah doesn't recognize father's rights as seen here and here along with the stories from that other blog.

I am this man's child fourty two years down the road. I found out that my father wanted me but wasn't allowed to raise me. I can't say whether or not it would have been better. It is no longer a point for me. Our country allows for these situations to continue. We must put a stop to it. If adoption is going to continue in this country, we must change it now.

Join me in writing these individuals to get them to change the law. We must not only advocate for adoptees and their families access to the OBC but also advocate for basic civil rights to raising the very children that we bring into this world.


Ungrateful Little Bastard said...

Oh no. Another one. Amy does he have a blog, or website, or a myspace page that you know of? I want to get these dads on a group in my sidebar

Coleman Moms and Babes said...

He is with Cody O'Dea on their website.