Friday, July 13, 2007


In the Indy Star, a series of articles came out about surrogacy. It showed the very sticky complications of it. This surrogate pregnancy was started by a 60 year old gay man with a bird and bird poop on his shoulder. Those were the claims that upset hospital workers. I don't care if someone is gay nor do I care about his bird or its health issues. I have animals so I do understand. Its the 60 year old part that I don't understand. He also drove the twins back by himself to New Jersey. Yes there is a lot of ewww in this story.

Steven Litz and his company procured the eggs from the woman and had them inseminated by a combination of donor sperm and the 60 year old's sperm. It ended up that the donor sperm took. So the man had to adopt the twins. The case was pushed through very quickly. Now his company states that there has not been any complaints against him. He has also not had a woman change her mind about keeping the children. This is all of course on his website. Funny thing is I found this little bit of information. So does this man lie? I think so. He is just another sleezy attorney looking to make a buck off women and children. Of course that case too was concerning 60 plus couple. Makes you really wonder about his ethics on for sides.

Its funny an Indiana State Senator sponsored a bill to put an end to this kind of legal bull. In both good and bad respects, it did not pass. She did this in response to the above mentioned case.

My question is when will the adoption industry quit having control over Indiana? When will they start listening to the adoptees born in their state? When will they listen to the natural parents?

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