Tuesday, July 17, 2007


From what I understand, Kelly Pickler was raised by her grandmother. I listened to the whole album today. See I live in red dirt country. I am like my husband in the sense that I like the older country. This new stuff is just too different for me. When I listen to country, I expect broken hearts, cheating, and so forth. When I listen to rock, I again listen to the older stuff. Gag I can't believe I am saying that. Stuff like Rush, Van Halen, Styx, and so forth. The first time I heard this song. It stopped me. It brought me to tears. After to listening to her album, I am kinda surprised why it isn't more popular. I think I get it though. It is too country maybe. Here are the lyrics to the song. Thank you Kelly for putting out this song. It is an adoptee's song from hell. I mean that in a good way. You put my feelings and deepest emotions into words. You actually did better that Joy and Addie.

I Wonder Sung
by Kelly Pickler

Sometimes I think about you
Wonder if you are out there
Somewhere thinking about me.
And would you even recognize
The woman that your little girl has grown up to be
Cause I look in the mirror
All I see are your brown eyes looking back at me
They are the only thing you ever gave to me at all


Oh I hear the weather's nice in California
There sunny skies as far as I can see
If you ever come back to home to Carolina
I wonder what you would say to me.

I think about how it ain't fair
That you weren't there to braid my hair
Like mothers do
You weren't around to cheer me on
Help me dress for my school prom
Like mothers do
Did you think that I didn't need you here
To hold my hand
Dry my tears
Did you even miss me
Through the years at all


Forgiveness such a simple word
But its so hard to do
When you've been hurt


Just in case
You are wondering about me
From now on I won't be in Carolina
Your little girl is off
Your little girl is off
Your little girl is off to Tennesee.

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