Wednesday, December 10, 2008


It has been an interesting week so far. I have spoken with three of Indiana's confidential intermediaries. Two of them are people that I have known for a few months. I have spoken with them frequently in the past. Its a world of difference between these folks and the woman I spoke with the other night. I care not to repeat that experience. Interestingly enough, I was glancing at the statcounters for this site and IndianaOpen. Someone in the registrar's office was googling her own name from the state computers.

I wonder if that CI thinks that she can shut me and others like me down. Hah, I do not think so. You can't shut me down. We adoptees, first families and adoptive families shall prevail in this. We want control over the adoption records. They belong to us. They have our names on them. Guess what? We are tired of being treated separately under the law. You are giving special immunities and privileges to the adoption agencies with the laws in Indiana. You are violating your own constitution.

Don't worry we will fix that for you. See ya and don't want to be ya.

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