Friday, December 5, 2008

Open Adoption and the trick of it.

I spoke with a fellow adoptee recently. She mentioned that all adoptions today are basically open adoptions. I am discussing domestic adoptions. I find it ironic that these agencies know the mothers want open adoptions but yet they fight so hard to keep the records closed of prior generations. Why is it okay for them but not for us? That is also discrimination.

The legislators worry about increases in abortion. Yet these women for the most part are way past child bearing years. These retroactive laws have no bearing on adoption what so ever. The adoptions have already been done.

It is all a matter of keeping the myths alive. Its a matter of keeping our voices separated and not in unison. Well as the adoptive parents of today start speaking out about corruption in their adoptions, the more and more we all join together. All of our voices will soon outweigh that of the adoption industry.

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