Thursday, December 18, 2008


Across this country of ours, adoptees, first families and adoptive families are a gathering and gaining strength. We will no longer be silent. We want to control our information. We no longer want adoption agencies involved. We no longer want the states to be involved in our business. We are verbalizing and speaking out loudly against the issue of sealed records.

We will be protesting in Philadelphia this year. We are forming websites, forums, and blogs to speak out against the injustice of sealed records. The words of the National Council for Adoption are ringing hollow in the ears of legislators. They are beginning to hear us. The sealed records of the past have no effect on an expectant mother's choices now. The mothers of the past are well past child bearing age so they can't go back and have an abortion.

The women's movement today is speaking out against many of the myths and fallacies of adoption.

Stand up and join us. Its time to bring the absolute control over adoptees and their families to an end. Its time to make these agencies do right by us.

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